Update on my WEIGHTLOSS! What I eat in a week, KETO-ISH, workouts, and how I’m feeling!

I'm sharing what I'm eating to drop weight. Usage code JIA50 to get 50% off your first Factor box at!

I'm feeling truly terrific focusing on protein, vegetables, and working out. I'm feeling really motivated to continue this life style modification. I'm reducing weight and have lots of energy.

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Watch me work with a professional organizer to assist declutter my house:


Hi! INVITE! Thanks for coming by! My name is Jia. Hubby's name is Charles. Our youngsters are Zara (11) and Ava (8 ). If you need inspiration on decluttering, cleaning, arranging and just getting it done, you remain in the best place. This is Reality. Real messes. Real moments. And Real love. Did I mention, I love to go shopping. So tons of Store with me's, Costco transports, and far more. Obviously on a budget, since we live a financial obligation free life. If you need help with that, we speak about that too! As a working mother, I share what works for us. I want to inspire, motivate, and find out. Join me on this journey!

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Update on my WEIGHTLOSS! , -ISH, workouts, and how I'm feeling!

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