Today we are tackling the butlers pantry! 25 Days of decluttering ~ Vlogmas Day 4

I'm still and we are on day 4. I have been caring doing this and its assisting me a lot! Vlogmas day 4 with a little cleansing inspiration as you ! Thanks for enjoying!

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Hi! INVITE! Thanks for visiting! My name is Jia. Spouse's name is Charles. Our youngsters are Zara (10) and Ava (8 ). If you need inspiration on , cleaning, arranging and simply getting it done, you are in the ideal place. This is Reality. Real messes. Genuine moments. And Genuine love. Did I point out, I like to go shopping. So lots of Store with me's, Costco carries, and a lot more. Of course on a budget, because we live a financial obligation complimentary life. If you need help with that, we speak about that too! As a working mama, I share what works for us. I want to motivate, motivate, and find out. Join me on this journey!

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Today we are tackling the butlers pantry! 25 Days of decluttering ~ Vlogmas Day 4

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  1. Nice work! Keep going. You’ve inspired me. I started in the kids play area in the basement. Got rid of old coloring books and papers and they helped me. They actually got a kick out of it help making decisions about what to keep and what goes.

  2. I was waiting for this vlogmas. I was like, wayment, what day are we on? Lol. Love your channel. I love decluttering.

  3. This video is reminding me of a Tik Tok from a year ago where the woman said her mantra for the new year was “Don’t put it down, put it away.” I repeated it to myself for a few weeks whenever I would come home with mail or shopping nags or whatever. I need to go back to this mantra.

  4. My bedroom is a doozy! We moved in almost a year ago and I’ve been tossing EVERYTHING in my room and my husband complains on how much crap is goal is to get it all cleaned out by Christmas

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