This productivity SECRET helps to manage stress while GETTING THINGS DONE!

We are going to speak about a trick, , and tension! Use the discount coupon code: JIA for 10% off!

In this video, we're going to talk about a trick that will assist you to manage stress while . This secret will assist you to refocus and get things done, even under high pressure!

Tension is a common problem for many people, however it can be difficult to handle. In this video, we're going to talk about a secret efficiency strategy that will assist you to remain concentrated and get things done. This strategy is basic but reliable, and it can assist you to handle your stress while . Watch this video and see for yourself how this trick can help you to get more carried out in less time!

This productivity SECRET helps to manage stress while GETTING THINGS DONE!

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  1. Thank you for this video! Love the tasks based on time needed. For a 8 hour day, how do you keep from doing one type of tasks and neglecting other maybe longer tasks? Do you rotate between the different task lengths or handle all the small tasks then go to the next group?

  2. Sorry you were struggling but thank you for sharing what helps you. I like good brain dump with pen on paper and just jot down everything bouncing around in my brain. I do good picking something that has been bugging me a lot or a small area. I typically gain momentum and get more done. Videos and podcasts help me so much to keep my brain busy or work along with someone else.

  3. I appreciate how you keep things real. Every task can be like 20 other tasks, it helps to break everything down! (Also will help the rest of the family see why helping with the house maintenance is important – it frees up time for bigger, more time consuming projects!)

  4. Thank you so much for being real, I have 5 kids and sometimes the list seems absolutely impossible. I do the “me” time at night as well.

  5. I do get overwhelmed so I’m sure this video will guide me in the right direction. And thank you. I do do the set a timer 15 minutes and work at a task it helps as well. I give myself 1/2 hour in the gardens not counting cutting the grass and edging hubby does that job. Plus I still work full time 12 hour shifts hubby works the same 12 hour. So setting the timer helps.

  6. As soon as I saw you walk into that laundry room and the laundry all over the place. I thought to myself she needs a system. I have a system I could share with you. Let me know

  7. Did you put selfcare on your to do list??

    10min task.
    -make myself a tea, sit down and drink it.
    -wash my face, apply day lotion, apply lip balm.

  8. Yes, thank you for this video. I had to take emergency custody of my grandbabies (age 4, 2, and 1) and was immediately totally unprepared, overwhelmed and so completely stressed that for the first two days, they were running around in pampers, pull-ups and panties. I just couldn’t even focus long enough to put outfits together for them. I will say setting up a list by time did NOT help me because then I became completely overwhelmed and stressed out about the fact that I wasn’t completing the task in the allotted time. So I switched up to things I could do quickly, things I could do after work ( I work full time from home at the moment), things I could do in the evening and things I could do while they were down napping ( like meal prep, which his been a totally life saver). Just making lists of things I need to do has been extremely helpful, especially putting the list on my phone with reminders.

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