The Target Toy CLEARANCE SAlE is AMAZING! Up to 70% off..Come Shop with me!

The Target Toy clearance sale is soooo excellent. Now is a fun time to buy Christmas toys. It's just in the month of July so make sure to visit your Target to see that they have.

00:00 It's Target Toy clearance time!
00:36 Target's Toy Sale
01:10 Target
18:02 What I Purchased
19:12 Thanks for viewing

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The Target Toy CLEARANCE SAlE is AMAZING! Up to 70% off..Come Shop with me!

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  1. YES! Found this this week too and definitely shopped for Christmas! Love your videos, thanks!

  2. I used to work at Target and that pile on the floor is all the stuff customers scanned and did not want. You should see it on Black Friday.

  3. Early Christmas shopping. With the prices going up on everything if I had a Target I would for sure. People just won’t be able to buy tons this year. Anything that is a real bargain I’m on it. Walmart had beets and potatoes on the reduce cart. I thought oh they are going to be soft. No nothing was wrong with them. The beet greens were still fresh. Big bags so I picked out all them. $2 bag so I brought them home called my daughters said come get some. Also had tons of kale in the garden so that was picked with a bouquet of fresh herbs. My herb and kale bags are doing so nice. I was pleasantly surprised. Kale salad with a lemon type dressing then just chop up all the herbs sprinkled in the salad it’s so good every mouthful is a party in your mouth. It’s good for you it tastes great and the herbs don’t go to waste. I’m going to dry some as well. Anyway dear Thanks for another great as usual video.

  4. When we were kids, if my parents got us make up or nail Polish, they got the real stuff. Or real hammers and nails and wood to learn. My dad said “if you’re going to do it you might as well learn on the real thing.”

  5. My kids have outgrown most toys but I still was able to get a few things for cheap! I hate to think of just wrapping gift cards and $$ for them, so atleast they will have a few things to really open and if they don’t use them, atleast they didn’t cost much!

  6. when a store , moves stuff round they should hand out a map so we know where everything is at lol

  7. My store has L.O.L, BARBIE AND RAINBOW HIGH. Try all locations in your area.
    Nastya is the female version of Ryan on YOUTUBE. Their brands are usually a little expensive. Scan anything you want to purchase because a lot is scanning cheaper than the tags. Happy Savings ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Walmart currently has the 6 pack of Rainbow High dolls for $50 online Original price is $168.00.

  9. I think Target is trying to get the “department store” vibe and away from the “discount” store. More like Belk or Dillard’s…

    1. @Marriage & Motherhood Just an observation, and I have heard that certain Wal-Mart’s are also going to transform their stores into more department style stores as well. Trying to reach a more diverse population.

  10. My target was stocked with all the girl stuff on clearance too bad my daughter is 14 and doesn’t play with toys lol but the boy stuff was all sold out I think I found 1 thing that was on sale for my son.

  11. Walmart also has a toy clearance going on I’ve been told, you have to scan their stuff it’s not always a tag showing the sale. I’m going today to check it out.

  12. My target locations are all different one store has everything on clearance and the other store hasn’t started marking anything down yet. But I will keep checking. I found a ton of the Our Generation dolls, accessories, horses and vehicles 50-70 percent off.

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