The Legacy of XO Marriage by Jimmy & Brent Evans

Revealing the Amazing Tradition of , by Jimmy & Brent Evans

As we review the lives changed and the stories of healing we have actually seen, we ask that you prayerfully think about partnering with us once again. Your donation, whether big or small, will directly impact our ability to reach more couples, save more families, and continue being a beacon of hope for marital relationships in need.

Thank you for belonging of the household. Your prayers, your assistance, and your commitment have actually brought us this far. Together, we can form a legacy that echoes through generations, a legacy of , commitment, and the unbreakable bond of marital relationship.

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The Legacy of XO Marriage by Jimmy & Brent Evans

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  1. Praise God! Congratulations XO Marriage. I have been so blessed by this ministry. So grateful for this vision.

  2. Thank you Jimmy Evans!! We are excited to launch our Belong Groups this Fall and continue to provide XO Marriage resources for our marriage groups.

  3. What an incredible ministry God has used for His purposes. Such an important mission. We are so grateful for you here in Israel!

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