Super Saturday Shopping Spree: Summer Camp Prep ~ Shop with me Target, TJ Max, Five Below, and MORE!

I'm prepping for Summer camp and I had to get so many things! Come at Homegoods, Tj Maxx, , and ! I was tired however I was able to get whatever that we required on my huge packing list.

All of my favs on Amazon –

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Enjoy me deal with an expert organizer to assist declutter my home:


Super Saturday Shopping Spree: Summer Camp Prep ~ , TJ Max, , and MORE!

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  1. Hey there, Jia. Great haul. I’ve watched another channel (or two) and, although I don’t have any firsthand knowledge, it has been said that depending on the Dollar Tree store, very popular items like the dupe you mentioned, were kept in back storerooms by management or employees. A person would need to ask for the item(s). They may be doing it to keep one person from buying all or for the employees to buy. The influencer I watched wasn’t sure.

  2. Hi there, I believe the Old Navy flip flops are only $1.00 when they have the specific $1 sale which I think is once a year.

  3. Hi Jia! I love a nice seafoam or light blue for a bathroom color. Classic color for bathroom.

  4. Just a tip. With the spray spf most of it blows away and what does stay on you have to rub it in . Dr Dray was tell use then and in my opinion she is one that I trust with skin care. She is a dermatologist.

    1. Yep Dr. Dray is great with her tips, I’ve been watching her before she even had a 1000 subscribers now she’s over 2 million.

  5. I have not found the hand sanitizer at the dollar tree but I have heard many people say that at most dollar tree the employees will hold back the “popular” items that have gone viral in the back of the store to sell to people they know or to themselves only. However some people have had luck by just asking the employees if they have the item.

  6. Old navy only has the $1 flip flop day and they still do it. Otherwise they are normally $3-5

  7. I saw a tiktok on those hand sanitizers at the dollar tree. Apparently employees are keeping them in the back for themselves or keeping them for other people. The gal on the tiktok had to ask an employee for them and she went into the back to get them. She said she came out with a whole box of them and would only give her 2 of them because they were reserving them for someone

  8. Jia, can you devote a video to the hair care routine you follow for your daughter’s now that they swim competitively. I have always struggled with my girl’s.

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