*NEW* Sam’s Club Deals! Weekly Walkthrough and Shop with me!

Concern Sam's Club with me as I walkthrough and share some of the offers Sam's club needs to deal with our food stockpile. As costs of food rises, if time allows we require to shop the sales. Did you go to Sam's Club today?

00:00 Let's look at all the Sam's Club Sales
00:35 Weekly Walkthrough of Sam's Club
01:39 Sam's Club
08:15 Sam's Club Finest Deals
08:46 Thanks for enjoying!


Hi! INVITE! Thanks for dropping in! My name is Jia. Spouse's name is Charles. Our kids are Zara (10) and Ava (7 ). If you require motivation on decluttering, cleansing, arranging and just getting it done, you remain in the right location. This is Real life. Genuine messes. Real moments. And Real love. Did I point out, I love to go . So lots of 's, Costco carries, and much more. Naturally on a spending plan, since we live a debt totally free life. If you require aid with that, we talk about that too! As a working mommy, I share what works for us. I intend to motivate, encourage, and learn. Join me on this journey!

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*NEW* Sam's Club Deals! Weekly Walkthrough and Shop with me!

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  1. I bought 12 bottles of that ketchup when it was on instant savings for 5.98. I over stock when something is on instant savings.

  2. Actually Jia the ketchup is a great deal! You need to look at cost per ounce and cost per each items in set compared to other stores. Here the 3 pack is currently $8.78 so that is about $2.92 per 44oz bottle. A 32oz bottle at my local grocery store is $4.39. Just because an item has gone up doesn’t mean it isn’t a good deal. You can’t cross compare to prices that used to be. It is better to look at cost per ounce and item. Doing that will help you save money.

    1. And the chewy granola bars are 17 cents each compared to 15 cents each for Aldi brand. If the Sam’s go on sale they are cheaper.

    2. Agree – can’t compare to what it used to be but compare what current prices are at different places. Also at Costco you only get 2 44 oz bottles for $9.99.

  3. Jia love the video and I agree some things are better to get at Sam’s club especially to stock up on. I get all my drinks from there too

  4. You may want to start keeping prices in you phone or a book to compare. The jumbo shrimp were $4.00 per pound cheaper at Sam’s than Costco when you shopped with Quita. Seems like you are trying to remember prices but not usually correctly. I am a Sam’s member and always take your Sam’s hauls with a grain of salt. Your energy and manner is usually a bit down compared to Costco. Even your intro seemed like you really didn’t want to go. Lol. We have a Costco coming in about six months. Looking forward to shopping and checking it out. The lines may be a deal breaker because love Scan & go.

    1. Love the concept of these but you more careful and check your prices and recommendations. The Wright bacon at Lidl was 2 1/2 pounds for $15.99 which 6.40 a pound and Sam’s was $24.48 for 4 pounds which is $6.12 a pound. Not a bad deal.

  5. Every time I think that the sticker shock is lessening, I get surprised all over again. Wow, Jia! $98 for 8 items. The average is no joke. Thanks for sharing and doing this series.

  6. Sams club is where I have noticed price hikes the most. Most of their bigger price hikes are heavy things. I compared my receipts from one year ago and produce is the only thing that hasn’t moved or barely moved.

  7. I love this new idea for walk through… What does the different color price tags mean at Sams/Costco??? Thank you

  8. I absolutely love this! Tip for those who need/want larger quantities you can see if you’re local to a restaurant supply store or to a port/produce wholesaler that’s open to the public if you want to get lower prices. Shopping at similar locations has been super helpful for keeping prices down for my family. Happy shopping y’all!

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