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Assist, my partner dislikes ! Does your partner hate ? It's a more common issue than you believe. Let Dave and Ashley show you how to have the tough discussions about sex that will eventually strengthen your marital relationship and improve your sex life.

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0:00 Intro
0:25 My Spouse Hates Sex!
0:59 Why Your Spouse Dislikes Sex
1:45 The Fake Climax
2:36 How To Have the Conversation
3:04 Sad Dave
3:24 TMI
3:45 Do I Have To Have This Discussion With My Partner?
4:04 Go Enjoy Our Christian Sex Positions Video!
4:39 Foreplay Is Secret
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My ! | Fridays with Dave & Ashley

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  1. Or it could be how the husband introduces intimacy with his sad ways in the marriage before you get to the intimacy. Keep that mood positive. Thank you both!

  2. That’s me I just don’t want to say anything cause I don’t want to cause issues in our relationship I would just rather suffer through to keep him happy cause I feel like being in an unequally yoked relationship is part of the issue but it is what it is I just pray. There is barely any info on getting married and THEN one gets saved and the other is not and how to deal with all that and the changes that happen. The feeling of being in love is void which makes me sad. It’s just too much but I know the only one that can help is God so I just keep praying

    1. This sounds so similar to my wife and I. I think hormones and testosterone play such a big factor for us. I’m a very healthy eater and physically fit, where my wife is not. I’ve got tremendous sexual energy, but never force that on my wife. We agree that me taking care of myself a couple times a week takes the pressure off of her to always be ready to perform. It also makes our sexual experiences more passionate.
      Here’s a question though. Does getting closer to God push you further away from your husband?
      It certainly feels that way with my wife. Like good sex and good spirituality are antithetical to each other. And that’s not right.

    2. @Mark Cavandish the way he acts towards me is different because I only listen to Christian music I have a really hard time watching shows now because of the evil I see and I study the Bible he’s weirded out by it so it causes things to be difficult where genuine organic feelings are concerned. He sees no issue with porn but I do so that’s what goes through my head when engaging with him. All in all I think that when one person gets saved after already being with your husband/wife before being a believer and they still are not causes some big issues that no one really talks about. They just warn against getting involved with someone who is not a believer but what about when 2 ppl that are not believers get together then one gets saved. I know living by example to win them over and praying and trusting God is key but one can’t deny that things don’t change

  3. Thanks guys you are truly a blessing! Having honest conversations with your spouse about what your needs are so important!

  4. Sad Excuses. We’re asking women the wrong questions then also paving the way for her continued denial. She doesnt like sex with the current man. Baggage hindsight is 2020. We husbands need to stop bailing our wives out, and focus on being THE MAN. Still being loving during the process. My opinion.

  5. Poor Dave. Why do I feel sorry for him every time I watch these things. I feel like he’s being held hostage to do these things

  6. If the sex isn’t good/unifying/physically pleasurable, why would a wife want second helpings of that? A woman having duty sex for her husband when she gets nothing or very little from it, even after they discussed what she needs and yet he still doesn’t do those things, is the definition of selfless love in my opinion.

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