May 2024 Garden Transformation 🪴 Planting Zinnias and Lettuce 🌸 Plant and Garden with me | Zone 8a

Come plant and as I share the big change and growth of my . I can't think how much everything has actually grown from my tomotoes, zuchinni's and peppers. I likewise planted some zinnia seeds, lettuce and gladious. I remain in zone 8a.

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  1. I have watched Erin and her family too. I loved it. Love watching you and your family too. Thanks

  2. Love to see your excitement. I also have a micro garden, so I can understand. Love this❤

  3. I have never heard of Purple Beauty peppers! They are gorgeous, Jia. I love how excited and pleased you are with your deck garden. Yay!!!

  4. Be careful. Lettuce tends to bolt when it gets too hot outside and then once they bolt they get too bitter to eat. Their is some slow bolting varities. Swiss chard tends to be the best for all seasons

  5. Your zucchini wasn’t pollinated, that’s why it looks like it is rotting. You can always take a male flower (The ones with the thin stem) and open it up, and rub the stamen on the female flower’s pistil. The female flower is the one with the little zucchini looking stem.

  6. Great job. My mother loved gardening and I remember her having Foxglove and phlox too! They say about perennials the first year they sleep, the second year they creep and the third they leap.

  7. Jia, beautiful flowers garden ❤❤❤ Jia love your enthusiasm for your garden and food shopping too. You brighten our days❤❤❤Joan

  8. The strawberry is putting out new plants u can cut them off and plant them separately and get a whole bunch of new plants

  9. Those shoots off the strawberries are called runners. If planted in a garden, the runner would “root” and you woud have more plants. I would cut those off as they are taking energy/food/nutrients away from the mother plant. Also, strawberries are perennial and will come back year after year. Our plants are about 12 years old now and we are already harvesting here in NY

  10. If you take the dead heads off your plants they will produce more and more quickly. Also take a good amount of leaves off your tomato plants. That way the energy will go to the tomatoes and not producing more leaves. Gardening brings me peace, love, and so so much joy. I can feel your joy.

  11. Strawberries don’t really like to get wet so it’s best to bottom water. Also I’d cut off those runners so the main plant can focus its energy on making better fruit. You can try to plant the runners into some soil to propagate them but just make sure to not bury the crown of the plant.

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