Is It Wrong to Live Together? | Fridays With Dave & Ashley

Is it wrong to cohabit before we're married? isn't totally clear on a number of concerns. Among those problems is living together before .Today, Dave & Ashley answer all your questions about cohabiting before being wed. Remain up until the end to hear Dave & Ashley's preferred Naked Marital relationship Podcast episode!

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0:00 Intro
0:19 Welcome Back!
1:17 Is It Incorrect to Live Together?
5:13 What's the very best Naked Episode?
7:09 Dave & Ashley Get Sidetracked
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Is It Wrong to Live Together? | Fridays With Dave & Ashley

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  1. My Dad said that the anticipation leading to marriage helps the couple stay strong in the hard times. If you live together before marriage, you’re taking that power away according to my Dad.

    I lived with my ex when we were engaged but broke up with him less than two weeks from our wedding day. My husband and I didn’t live together and celebrated 19 years of marriage in May!! We have a 12 year old son that’s on the spectrum and have defied the statistics!! My Dad was absolutely right!! The Word is always right!! Thank you for speaking the truth with such grace, Dave and Ashley!!

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