Is Aldi still affordable? Come see what’s new for January 2024!

Is Aldi still budget-friendly? Let's take a look at what's brand-new at Aldi in January 2024. Come store with me for a weekly grocery haul. Should I do a cost contrast from the past to see if I can still buy my weekly groceries for $40 like I used to from Aldi?

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Is Aldi still affordable? Come see what's new for January 2024!

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  1. Yes, do an Aldi Challenge and see how it how and then do a video and put the two in one video to compare the difference!

  2. I was JUST thinking about your old Aldi videos the other day! They gave me inspiration. Lol! Would love to see you do a comparison of then and now. Aldi has started to get a little high, too, these days.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience at ALDI. Comparing the previous shops at ALDI and other stores would be interesting. I live in Australia and where I shop at ALDI, the ‘ALDI finds’ are called ‘specials’ and we have them on Wednesdays and Saturdays and we get a catalogue to know what will be on special each week. They display them in the middle of the store in more open shelving. Sometimes people line up before the store is open to get the ‘special’ which is pretty crazy.

  4. Hey there, Jia. I would love to see a comparison video of groceries then and now. I was pleasantly surprised by the total of the items you got from Aldi in this haul. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Of course I remember those challenges and YESSSS run those videos back!! I really enjoyed watching❤️

  6. Yes! Compare from the last video! I really want to know the actual percentage increase. I think the 7% is bogus. Seems closer to 20%. I know a lot of things thar used to be $1 are $1.25. All the stuff at Walmart that were .88 are now $1.08.

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