I hired a professional to organizer to declutter my home 1 year ago. Here’s an update

I hired an expert to my home 1n year ago. Here's an upgrade. Use code JIA50 to get 50% off your first Factor box at!

It's tough to believe that it's been an entire year given that I deeply decluttered my home with a professional. We have actually come a long way.

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Watch me work with an expert organizer to help my home:


I hired a professional to organizer to declutter my home 1 year ago. Here's an update

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  1. We’re renting a dumpster this spring and cleaning out our garage. I can’t wait!!! I’m thinking of other old broken furniture I can throw away then, but I need to know I have replacements first lol

  2. looking good, girl! You’ve done good keeping the clutter out! Would love to see you go through the basement!

  3. I have heard about a dumpster bag. You buy it and use for however long you need it and call for a pickup. I would recommend doing a section at a time in the garage and basement. That way you don’t get overwhelmed. Just keep setting appointments with yourself to routinely keep progressing and set a timer. I find this to be very helpful.
    I was happy with my decluttering until I had a leak in my bathroom. I had to move a bunch of stuff and it looks like a bomb went off in my condo. More decluttering when bathroom is complete. I have to stay elsewhere as I only have 1 bathroom.
    I definitely want to see decluttering in garage and basement.

  4. HI I am a big fan I love your videos you are amazing Mother and Wife ❤️
    You are one of my favorites Utube channels
    I love to see you do the basement
    You are so positive ❤

  5. I live in a small one bedroom apartment. As I get older I’m much more mindful of what I bring in. It does help to ask yourself, where is this going and do I really want/need it? Periodic purging helps me keep it in check. I’d love to see a basement de-clutter.

  6. Got my bathrooms declutterred and under sinks/closets organized. Got a box ready to give away. Our neighborhood has a “gift or wish” fb page and people love using it. Most of the time it is porch pickup within a week. It’s an amazing how creative people can be.

  7. Basement and garage clean out, yes please! I’ve had ups and downs buying and decluttering, but I’m hoping to move this year which is helping me refocus.

  8. Renting the dumpster will really make a difference! When you set a time to rent it you will have an established timeline for starting that big decluttering the basement. You may even want to pick a spot down there and start moving things there that will be leaving – starting in a corner and maybe going down there specifically a half hour at a time, maybe 3 times a week. That way you will have made a beginning and when you do get the dumpster it will be amazing to have already have made a good start!

  9. Yes to basement! Also, could the dining room just be designated as hobby room then? (Since your girls use it) Puzzles/board games/crafts. And all the items for that get stored nicely in a furniture piece in the room, and still keep the table for that purpose

  10. For 2024, I’m taking a clipboard with a pen and hanging it on a hook near the door. Everything we donate, clean, organize or accomplish is being written there. It’s a visual reminder of getting the stuff done and a praise board at the end of the year. Sometimes we get in a funk and think we didn’t accomplish things, and that leads to that terrible “in over your head” feeling. Good for kids, too. They might get a charge in writing their own room accomplishments there. Maybe you can section it out on the board for the basement and have weekly winners for whoever is throwing away or organizing the most. Call in the troops. We love you!!

  11. You know what I found easier and cheaper than a dumpster? A junk removal service. They do all the work and some even recycle or donate things for you. You just point it out and they take it away. It was GREAT!

  12. Girl, I want to see all the things. Basement, middle mom, garage, all of it! I am a new woman since 2023. I shop INTENTION ONLY, I have decluttered every single thing in my home to the point that I have to call my daughter and ask her to declutter HER things at her house! lol. I am on a mission!

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