I hired a professional to organize my kitchen and THIS HAS BEEN A GAME CHANGER

I hired a to organize my cooking area and I need to say this has actually been a game changer. I have actually saved a lot money and time just by understanding exactly what I have in my kitchen area at all times. Whatever belongs and its AMAZING! The clear counter area resembles a dream!

Knife drawer Organizer

Under the cabinet lights:

Under sink organization by the house edit:

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Watch me deal with a to assist my home:


Hi! WELCOME! Thanks for coming by! My name is Jia. Spouse's name is Charles. Our little ones are Zara (11) and Ava (8 ). If you need motivation on , cleansing, arranging and just getting it done, you are in the ideal location. This is Real life. Genuine messes. Genuine moments. And Genuine love. Did I point out, I enjoy to shop. So lots of Store with me's, Costco transports, and a lot more. Of course on a budget, since we live a financial obligation complimentary life. If you need help with that, we discuss that too! As a working mom, I share what works for us. I intend to inspire, motivate, and discover. Join me on this journey!

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  1. I’ve been wanting to do this, but struggled with whether I “should”. Bc I put too much pressure on myself not to ask for help. Thank you for posting!

  2. Everything looks absolutely beautiful! I learned so much from these videos! Now it makes me want to work on my tiny apartment kitchen, that has no space for anything! I think I’ll start with my spice cabinet first! It’s so much easier though when you have someone to help you!

  3. We used stick on vinyl tile underneath our sinks. Our under kitchen is also a super large and odd shape. I love the idea of the light. We will be doing that.

  4. Jia – Put some .99 peel and stick tiles on the floor under your kitchen sink, cut to fit (maybe try white to reflect light) and a stick on battery operated motion light just in front of the cabinet so it comes on each time you open it. Thank me later.

  5. Thank you for sharing this journey. It really is amazing and I loved the girls helping out at the end. I thought this was absolutely sweet. It really looks great. You’re off to a good start this year.

  6. Love the organizing series!!
    I’m obsessed with the Kinders seasonings!!! The Buttery Steakhouse and the Prime Steak ones are our all-time faves.

  7. You’re definitely not the only one who thinks about how your kitchen is gonna smell depending on the products.

  8. Jia, thank you for sharing this journey with us. It can be truly life changing! And you’ve given me the motivation to start my spring cleaning xo

  9. A tip for getting used to where things go is to put post-its on each cabinet door and drawer. Yes, of course it looks tacky, but it’s only for a short time until you build in those habits.

  10. Your girls are so darn cute. What a great thing to be teaching them, how to organize! It looks amazing and I bet it feels better than that. I’m super organized but after this great video in going to dig in further! THANKS ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Some of the best decluttering advice I’ve received was after doing a big decluttering project, go back through after a while and see what’s working, what’s not and adjust as necessary. I do love having empty spaces in my cabinets and closets. Sometimes I just look at the empty spaces and think…yes, this is good!

  12. Absolutely love it! This series is a game changer for me! I love how you have chosen what works for your family and your spaces, not just to make things pretty. I love the kitchen! I can’t wait to see your bedroom project and how the pantry turns out. Do you also have a attic or crawl space or garage to declutter and organize? Would love to see those areas as well! Thank you for sharing, it’s very inspirational and motivational. I am currently working on decluttering and organizing my office and craft rooms. Have a blessed week. ❤

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