Humble Yourself in Marriage | Jimmy & Irene Rollins

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Marital relationship exists to help couples have a healthy and strong . We do this by hosting conferences, producing resources, and providing motivating digital content. Our first-rate speakers use leading advice to equip couples with the needed tools for an effective marital relationship. We believe that every marital relationship can grow.

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XO Conferences are a live environment for couples to come together, be encouraged, and learn from leading marriage specialists. Conferences use a Biblical point of view on marriage and enable couples to link and grow in a fun and encouraging setting
XO Publishing, established in 2019, exists to create marriage books and resources for couples in every phase of their relationship. Our huge library of content offers a more extensive learning experience for couples, small groups, and churches
Through podcasts, videos, post, and more, we develop interesting and appropriate content for people to get in touch with online. Our content is focused around supplying couples with tools and teachings to develop and preserve a strong foundation for their marriage.

Humble Yourself in Marriage | Jimmy & Irene Rollins

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  1. Bro the fact you have lay on the fucking floor just to have a reasonable conversation with your partner is insane, get a better woman if she can’t handle confrontation

    1. Showing humility to someone you love especially when they are already messed up is not feminine.
      You aren’t ready for marriage of you are not humble enough to recognize humility.

  2. By the husband laying down, it caused the wife to put her defenses away.
    It’s hard to be angry at someone as vulnerable as you are.

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