How we saved our marriage 30 days before our divorce !

Everybody has actually been asking what triggered our separation and how we worked things out after papers were currently filed. We attempted to fit whatever into this video! We hope it assists and inspires individuals to conserve their !

How we saved our 30 days before our !

Save My Marriage
Save My Marriage Today!

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  1. SO happy for you guys.. you know I was cheering when y’all got back together! This will definitely help someone thanks for sharing

  2. Great Testimony. They were fortunate that things worked out for them. Marriage IS Hard Work!!!Too many couples’ marriages are faltering due to unreasonable expectations, selfish pride and poor communications/relationship skills. Here, they both had very poor relationship skills, and made horrific mistakes when the conflict began. It seemed that he tried to do some self-reflection and to work on improving himself, while she went vindictive and went outside the marriage to get into another relationship. Also, it sounded like she was suffering from depression after the miss-carriages. Ultimately, it was a rational conversation that opened communication that turned the tables. Thankfully, she seemed to be truly contrite in the end for some of her unreasonable behaviors. Too bad very few of us have the skills and preparation for successful marital bliss BEFORE MARRIAGE. Divorce rates would likely shrink exponentially.

  3. Beautiful… this is totally what I’m going thru with my husband but the roles are changed just pray God brings us back together.

  4. They uncovered each other’s nakedness … makes sense ! The enemy had his terrible plan, but you allowed God to be victorious!!!! Praise God for your story!!!

  5. I’m rooting for you guys.. keep up the good work! Marriage is not easy, relationships are not easy, don’t be harsh on yourself!

  6. I’ve listened to the entire video. My wife and I are going through the same situation. The one motivation I learnt from the video is what the gentleman shirt says, “PUT THE WORK IN UNTIL IT WORKS OUT.” I always been a fast quitter but this quote just opened my eyes to continue fighting for my wife until she comes back home. Love the testimony as well. Thanks for sharing.

    1. @Eric Deadmon even if were wrong by putting themselves out there for the world to see, theyre subjecting themselves to scrutiny and judgement.

  7. This is amazing! I’m going through hard times now in my marriage and my wife ask for divorce..we been married for 15yrs and I love her dearly..we go to court in August. But I pray every day god can restore our marriage..I’m not going to fight for my marriage

    1. @The Brights I am going through this right now. Separated one month and no contact. What made you keep fighting for your marriage?

    2. We realized that we were better together than apart and that our love was stronger than what we were going through

    3. @The Brights Big Daddy you filed for divorce first what brought you to this decision. I am really wrestling with this decision. I still love her deeply, neither one of us has filed for divorce yet so I guess there is still hope. I am so weary and tired. We both have unresolved issues from our childhood but I am addressing mine head on in therapy. But she refuses to get help for herself. Need advice from someone who has been through the fire. I feel like this is a spiritual fight that I have to give it to GOD because this is too much for me.

  8. They make a great couple. She said that she was “Done”, and her behavior put them through a lot of hell. It seemed like she was the one who was most irrational and off-kilter. It was a miracle that she got back on track b4 it was too late. This story could have ended badly for them otherwise.

  9. Beautiful testimony of reconciliation. That said, she needs to let him speak and tell his side without so much interruption. Please watch the video so you can see what we see.

  10. This is a great video! A testimony for years to come. Everything works together for your good. The lost of the babies is really sad and I can’t imagine how difficult that would have been. But it was a test of your marriage – you could have had those babies and lost your marriage. You had to go through that season so when your babies come you will be able to withstand parenthood together and now your marriage will outlast any obstacle that comes along. Keep Jesus at the center and he will perfect what concerns you. I pray God will continue to bless your union!!

    1. Tasari Litherland thank you so much for seeing the beauty in our story ! God is so good and through IVF, we just welcomed our first baby girl into this world 3 months ago !!! Thank you so much!!

    2. @The Brights you guys are a living testimony for anyone going through what you went through in y’all relationship/marriage, and persevered.

    1. @jeanqbxx sometimes not even a Pastor can help, only allow someone you can truly trust that has the faith that moves mountains, not all pastors have that–Be strong in your faith!!! God will restore your marriage even after divorce –I speak blessings over your marriage now in the name of Jesus, no weapon formed against your marriage will stand —I plead the blood of Jesus over your marriage —Your marriage belongs to God , he created it , it does not belong to satan — God hates divorce !!!

  11. Hey guys. I’m in the middle of separation of a year and trying hard to reconcile. It gets really discouraging at times. And so I just said “I want to hear from someone who has gone through this.” I googled “We saved our marriage” and you guys came up. I really enjoyed listening to you both, and feel encouraged. We are married 39 years but can still learn from couples of any age. Thanks. Jim. Australia

  12. My wife and I are literally about to go through a separation, and I didn’t know if there was any hope of us even reconciling, but after watching your video and hearing some of the things that you guys went through. I know that there’s a lot of growing both of us have to do, and its crazy because it sounds so similar to what we’re going to right now. I just want think you guys for sharing your story and giving hope.

    1. Anthony Foley don’t stop praying! And fighting for your wife. God knows the plans for you guys

  13. Im currently separated from my wife. Your video made me reliaze alot. And have hope and prayer to save my marriage. I sent your video to my wife. Thank you for this video! Beautiful couple!

  14. We as women need to learn to listen and allow our men to speak and voice their own opinions and feelings.

    1. Hello I’m so excited my relationship was fixed back again my ex is back to me we loving and happily together,I got help from a great man who brought us back together……

    2. Yup. A lot of men aren’t heard, we die in silence to please women and they just go on about their lives as we grow deeper in resentment.

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