How to Love Your Spouse Again | Jimmy Evans Sermon | Marriage Sermon

Take 4 minutes to watch this marital relationship sermon to learn and conserve your marital relationship!

This sermon is a marital relationship sermon everything about the 4 secrets of and how to your partner once again. It turns out saving your marital relationship isn't as made complex as you believe it is! Stick around until completion to hear # 4, it's most likely the most crucial one!



0:00 Secret 1
0:50 Secret 2
2:01 Secret 3
3:33 Secret 4


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  1. Paster Jimmy, I praise Jesus that you are so attentive of the holy spirit. My Wife and I love you Jimmy, You make life so much easier to obtain victory over the enemy with your teachings. This message is impeccable, God bless you Jimmy You have such an outrageous ministry. Thank you soooooo much.

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