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  1. Now who would’ve thought that you were a prayer warrior? I’ve been following your channel since before you were pregnant and when you use to vlog! But girl if only people would take your advice, there would be so many saved marriages. Congratulations on saving your marriage. People love to show the happy moments but not the struggle. Continue to tell your story!

    1. Jaydee Rose thank you so much ❤ I was hesitant at first to post it but I truly want to show people that God has helped me and he can help them too.

  2. You have such a beautiful soul & story. Thank you so much for posting this. From one military wife to another, I pray God continues to bless your lives <3

  3. Thanks for sharing. This was absolutely beautiful! All marriages go through hardship and divorce comes up more times than wanted. But when you PRAY, God works!

  4. I stumbled across this video and I just couldn’t stop crying this is legit me it’s not a coincidence to me at all

  5. Wow this is a god send, saved my marriage so fast.. Thank you for being so transparent through all the trials you two went through. I plan to pray for my Husband and our marriage in this time of need..

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Today for the first time I got down on my knees and prayed for him and our relationship genuinely. I asked God if it was His will allow us to communicate effectively without arguing and blaming. Today for the first time in over a week he reached out to me and we communicated without conflict and without tension. Although he’s not my husband yet I will continue to pray for him sincerely. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Prayer is power!!

    1. Prettygirl_ E wow I love this. Thank you for watching. Prayer IS power. God bless you both ❤️

  7. This is a powerful story and very helpful. This is a story that needs to be heard, everyone struggles and growth is built through struggle. Loved this story

  8. When you mention God being the third cord. I got a big lump in my throat, and almost bust out crying. With me I’m more the spiritual person, and my husband basically an infant. This video made me reevaluate some things in my marriage.

  9. Your title is you saved your marriage. However a better title would be how God saved your marriage. The honor and Glory always goes to God not ourselves. Don’t be upset I’m telling you this in love. I’m telling you this because it happened to me and my husband and our marriage. Yes I pray for my husband but I didn’t want to. It seems stupid to pray for my husband because at that time I couldn’t stand him. I remember thinking why in the world I pray for him. But I remember when God let me to the understanding that I needed to obey the command that Jesus gave us. To love My Enemy and at that time my husband was my enemy. To pray for our enemies and to forgive. Well God has really change things in my life and in my marriage. My husband is still who he always was however somehow God has led him to do his will. We are about to celebrate our 24th anniversary on August 24th. God bless you and your husband and your marriage and remember all glory goes to God.

    1. @Zae Hudson Ministries Praise God, I’m glad you have put God back in the title in your newer videos

  10. Zae Hudson, I really fo admire you so much. You are very young but yet so wise. You need a platform to speak to young Married couples. You are a brilliant Christian virtuous woman. Thank you for putting God First. Keep doing what you are called to do.

    1. Yes. Agreeing & Praying for God to continue to Bless your Ministry & enlarge your territory (platform & Influence)… while His hand is upon you & He protects you from evil. May God continue to bless you as you touch & Bless All the souls that you are responsible for thru The Awesome & Enabling Power of The Holy Spirit working in & thru you. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  11. This video has TOUCHED ME so much Zae. I am so happy you decided not to give up your marriage also. God is AMAZING! #theprayingwife

    1. I do! I have a FB page the name is Meagan Jefferson. I am currently deactivated for the entire month of October. But come the following month, I plan to return. Social media just became a bit overwhelming at the time and I needed to pull away.

    2. Meagan Jefferson oh okay well if you want you can send me a message through YouTube and we can text ?

  12. Wow…your story is so inspiring and full of wisdom. I am currently going thru issues with my wife but i have rejected the work of the devil. We are currently separated but I strongly believe God will restore it back. So happy He turned everything around for good for you guys. I have taken the first step in working on myself first before anything so when and not if we do come back, I would be a changed man and i hope that would also encourage her to work on herself. I am so thankful though that we never went for counselling as statistics have proven otherwise on the result of counselling. Instead, I am involved with an online marriage coach programme with is so amazing and refreshing. Wished I had come across it sooner. I pray for my wife daily for God to soften her heart. I love her ever so much and would do all I have to do to save our marriage but of course put God first
    Stay blessed

  13. Amazing video. Thank you. Certainly inspirational. I was that same husband with a praying wife. She’s walked out wanting divorce, but since then, God has become the focal point – where He always should have been. It’s getting a little better day by day. Prayer is at the center and I ask the Lord to heal us both and continue us on a path of reconciliation. We’re an awesome family but only when God is the head of it. He has heard her prayers.

  14. Amen, Sister. So happy that you and your husband didnt give up. Our world is full of divorced families. It’s so easy! But we need to honor the covenant and keep Christ in the middle.

  15. Thank you for this video. It’s encouraging to know that what GOD did for you and your husband, HE can do for me and my wife#Be it unto us GOD

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