Hawaii – Episode 04 | Two Equals One Podcast with Jimmy & Irene Rollins

"I thought to myself, she does not enjoy us anymore …".

It was expected to be the dream trip, instead it was all-time low for our marital relationship.

In this episode of the Two Equals One Podcast, we have actually hit rock bottom. The journey to Hawaii was supposed to be the bow on top of us hitting the reset button. We had actually done all the work and were prepared to be into a new chapter of our until everything went downhill.


" I believed that I could moderate my drinking.".


Invite to episode four of the Two Equals One Podcast with Jimmy and Irene Rollins! Join us for a cinematic journey with Jimmy & Irene Rollins, as they tell their story of addiction, pain, and secrets, and how they discovered "Function in the Jail." The balancing act of household, marital relationship, and ministry concerned a shrieking stop when their public ministry life and personal family life became excessive for 2 damaged people to handle. At that point, they had a choice to make: quit or face the problem head-on. This is a story of hope and flexibility.

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Hawaii – Episode 04 | Two Equals One Podcast with Jimmy & Irene Rollins

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