From Cheap to Costly: The Evolution of Costco Grocery Prices

In this video, we'll take a look at the advancement of grocery costs over the years. Explore how inflation has actually affected the expense of food and see the distinctions in prices from low-cost to costly items. Join us for a virtual store with me at and see how prices have altered throughout the years. Prepare yourself to be shocked!

Looking back at just how much more cost from 2016 to now is crazy. It's actually stunning! Although I understand prices increase every year, it's still unexpected to see just how much.

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From Cheap to Costly: The Evolution of Costco

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  1. On video today, Yellen said our groceries cost has not increased. I am thrifty and I know in Arizona, prices are definitely NOT the same as before inflation. I don’t know where she got her data.

  2. The problem with the CPI is…. when inflation looks too high, they change out the items in the basket they based the former number on. So for instance, if there were 2 T-Bone steaks in that basket and the price shot up, they replace it with say pork chops and toss the steaks out. So, getting an overall number, item to item doesn’t happen. They figure the steaks are so high people won’t buy them, so give them pork chops.

  3. My Costco is freaking me out. Some of the normal items aren’t there and there is all this stuff on clearance I’ve never seen before. Thinking about it, I believe it’s stuff we never got and it’s not selling in the markets they targeted it for. It’s not a load of one item either. It’s a little of this and a little of that and no one wants it.

  4. Adjusting budgets is what we’ve had to do. Nice vlog like how you talk about each product. Like how you explain the prices were back then and NOW it’s a heartache. Joan

  5. Thank you for this, I also find this sort of information extremely helpful. I’m glad I have alreadysarted transitioning to using parchment paper to cook. (I have seen studies that show that cooking on aluminum fall isn’t good for the brain. This video was exactly what I needed to convince me that my decision was a sound one. I will still use foil but it will be sparingly from this point on. Knowledge is power girl! I have never heard of TikTok shop and would definitely love to see a video on that and what you have purchased please. Lastly, I’d lve to see more cooking videos again please. Wishing you continued blessings!

  6. Being in IL where our minimum wage has increased to $14 and going to $15 next yr has definitely put a strain on local businesses and their price increases. Meal planning/grocery pickup helps w/ budget. Too much impulse buying if I go inside. Great video to see. Thanks.

  7. Thank you for taking the time to do this cost comparison. I didn’t know you had another channel will have to check it out. BTW, your not complaining, your as frustrated as most of us are. We all see that our food dollars are not going as far as it use too. Some of the prices I was surprised by.

  8. What you’re doing is amazing bc food prices are high as hell. Even when u do gave coupons or shop sells it’s still not a deal

  9. Thank you for sharing the information with us. I totally agree everything is going up, except for the pay. When I was young my neighbors always brought no frill and no named brand products and I would try some of my friends food and stuff and i could tell it wasn’t name brand. My family was fortunate enough that they could afford name brand products so I was use to buying certain items a particular way. Now I notice I am more apt to purchase the store and in some case whether I like it or not. I like Dawn and would always purchase it, but I noticed the price on sale is still more than the Kirkland brand. So what did I do last time I got the Kirkland brand and I just scrubbed a little harder. I love kerrigold and I like the fact that they have unsalted, but I will probably be getting the Kirkland brand next time I am in Costco. And I will be cutting down on snacks, the prices of them are ridicules’ and not only cutting down on them will help my budget it will help my waistline. I met people who survived the depression and while we aren’t in any were near that but they learned to survive on less, surely I can too

  10. People go into the store talking about what they want instead of what they need. Then get offered when they’re told that they don’t know the difference between want and need.

  11. really informative and eye opening video. i know costs are up but some of these items are surprising with the drastic change in price. i’m always shocked at the price of chips these days…at my grocery store it’s $5+ for a standard sized bag of doritos! The doritos you bought were a good deal

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