Does Aldi still have affordable prices? Shop with me for our Aldi grocery haul!

Many fantastic this week! Especially for the garden because that is why I originally went. I hadn't been to Aldi in some time. I also wished to see if the costs are much more than what they utilized to be like everywhere else. as I get our weekly today!

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Watch me work with an expert organizer to assist declutter my home:


Hi! WELCOME! Thanks for coming by! My name is Jia. Spouse's name is Charles. Our children are Zara (11) and Ava (8 ). If you require motivation on decluttering, cleaning, organizing and just getting it done, you remain in the best location. This is Real life. Real messes. Genuine minutes. And Genuine love. Did I point out, I like to go shopping. So lots of 's, Costco transports, and a lot more. Obviously on a budget, since we live a debt totally free life. If you need help with that, we discuss that too! As a working mommy, I share what works for us. I intend to inspire, encourage, and learn. Join me on this journey!

Does Aldi still have affordable prices? Shop with me for our Aldi !

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  1. Hey there, Jia. I still haven’t been to my local Aldi and it is literally a couple miles up the road. I go to Walmart which is further from me. I haven’t noticed any difference in the taste of bacon here in Phenix City, AL, but I don’t buy bacon much. Grocery prices are ridiculous but I was thinking that the prices of the fruit you bought were pretty reasonable. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jia, I bought some bacon about a week ago and I kid you not when I started cooking the bacon instead of grease it water. The taste was awful I ended up returning it to the store and purchased another brand of bacon. The prices are getting out of control I have started making our bread, buns, and English muffins instead of buying them in the store the taste is much more cleaner.

    1. Yes! It’s the weirdest thing! I’m not sure what they are putting in the pork

  3. Hi! Love your videos. Im getting into sewing. How’s that sewing kit? I don’t have much space I think that might work for me to keep things organized.

  4. Aldi has definitely increased pricing. They’re comparable to great value prices at Walmart. Aldi finds are unmatched though! Lol

  5. Hey jia girl I tried that sausage you do have to add a little oil to the pan but it was ok
    I added a little sage to it. These prices omg but the price of eggs has dropped. I will be making that pizza this weekend thanks for the idea.

  6. I have a tray like that. Plastic. Keep ot on bottom shelf of fridge for meats to sit poor thaw. No dripping blood in there anymore. Plus pulls right out to wash

  7. Hey Jia. I really haven’t been buying my kids as many snacks because they’re getting expensive and do not last.

  8. I live around Pittsburgh and the prices at our aldi have increased. BUT, I will say when I go to other grocery stores I still get severe sticker shock. I’m not paying $6.something for a 12 pack of pop. Ridiculous

  9. I stopped shopping at Aldi a while ago because Walmart prices were a LOT cheaper than Aldi. Recently Aldi prices have come down a bit and they have several items that are cheaper than Walmart now. Thankfully, they are right across the street from each other here so I have no problem shopping both when needed

  10. I don’t think you did to bad. 15 items for 37 dollars. We use the Appleton farms sausage for sausage gravy all the time. It’s not our favorite but it’s good.

  11. Wonder if it depends on the state! Because our grocery prices are finally going down. Not pre Covid prices but not as bad as last year..

  12. I still like the prices at Aldi better than most other stores. I am hoping my Local Aldi has the hanging chair when I go later this week.

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