Dave & Ashley’s Best Books for This Spring | Fridays With Dave & Ashley

Need some books to read this spring? Dave & Ashley talk about a few of the very that you can contribute to your . Comment listed below with some of your favorites!

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0:00 Intro
0:37 Dave & Ashley's for This Spring
1:10 Dave Scores Some Brownie Points
1:23 Amen
1:38 Where The Crawdads Sing
2:12 Whatever Sad is Untrue
3:02 The Book Female of Troublesome Creek
3:42 Godpretty in the Tobacco Field
3:59 Dave Dedicates Plagiarism
4:05 Unbroken
4:41 The Boys in the Boat
4:55 Fault Lines
5:12 Can't Injure Me
5:50 Go to XOMarriage.com/ store.
6:21 No Perfect Parents.
6:58 C.S. Lewis.
7:18 Remark Your Favorites!
7:25 One Reward Suggestion.
8:07 Register For Marital Relationship!


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Dave & Ashley's Best Books for This Spring | Fridays With Dave & Ashley

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  1. First book I had read in 2 decades was The Naked Marriage about 3 years ago. It encouraged me to read the following (all good) Capture Her Heart, Counterfeit Climax, For men only, Have a new sex life by Friday, Sacred Marriage, She comes first, The Meaning of Marriage, The smart Stepdad, We above Me, Winning the War in your mind, A life long love, Naked and Healthy, Turn up the heat, 5 love languages, Cherish, Courtship after marriage, Married Sex, Sheet music, Strength Based Marriage, The Four Laws of Love and Marriage on Rock. And for some reason, all this set us on a road trip to Buc-ees???

  2. Atomic Habits is what I’m currently reading. The marriage book I like is The Power of a Praying Wife.

  3. I’ve got a few that have impacted me over the years:

    No Compromise – The Life Story of Keith Green by Melody Green
    Bruchko by Bruce Olsen
    Lords of the Earth by Don Richardson
    They Would Not Be Silent by Harvey Yoder
    The Cross and The Switchblade by David Wilkerson
    God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew

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