Courageous Wife Saves Her Marriage Through Fierce Love

Author shares how she defended her after her other half stated he didn't her and revealed his affair.
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Courageous Wife Saves Her Through Fierce Love

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About the Author: Renee Love


  1. Shauna thank you for sharing such a powerful testimony of God’s love working through you to heal your marriage. That step of faith and walking in ! Corinthians 13 must have been one of the greatest challenges of your life. BUT you decided to go the full course GOD’s WAY…that’s tough, but you counted the cost and moved forward in confidence knowing that the Holy Spirit was there to lead and guide you. Blessings and Grace to you and your family my sister. I pray that God who began a good work in your marriage will continue to see it through to completion….Peace!!

  2. What a powerful testimony and a faithful and obedient woman of God. I am so touched by your story, we are called to walk by faith and not sight and love is a choice and you did just that Shauna! God bless you and may the Lord bless the latter years of your marriage and life!

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    1. Its been 8 months but im still determine to win my wife back, she is what i belief God has given to me, despite her cheating i will keep praying for our marriage, this is what my heart tells me keep her loving and pray like ive never done before daily

    2. The 700 Club please pray that my marriage is redeemed and restored. Divorced in 2009 but we stayed together and still live together. Bring our hearts back to Christ and each other. In Jesus name. Do a speedy work in us.

  4. Full of the Holy Ghost Shauna Sharks! God Bless you … this helped me in this hard season of my marriage.

  5. I can only imagine how much more beautiful our marriages would be if we used that love filter throughout all of the marriage instead of once it is challenged. It is amazing how she moved through this and now I am wanting to challenge myself more to be like that with my hubby, even though we have a very loving relationship now. We can lose our cool at times and this would truly be a beautiful and lovely challenge to help us through our tempers which we do both have.

  6. WoW what a testimony. I applaud you for sharing so candidly without any self pity, honesty and genuineness! I know God rewards such hearts. May he tripple the blessings he has already bestowed on you!!!!

    1. There are many besides this courageous woman who obeyed God who stand for their marriages with many marriage restoration testimonies. Many have been restored after divorce and remarriage. I am a stander and I have been standing for 2 1/2 years now.

  7. This is so very precisely what I’m living right now and so helpful to hear. The word the LORD told me was ‘to stand’ (stand therefore and not grow weary) ‘to wait and see’ (HIS SALVATION and my mounting up on wings like an eagle’…

    My days and even moments to the next moment are exactly the same where I’ll feel so much HOPE & then literally come crashing down in shame and even feeling foolish for allowing myself to hope again….but I believe my stance is to get my eyes off of our circumstances and to focus, keeping my eyes on Jesus to be able to walk with/in/by THE SPIRIT!

    When I do that, it’s AMAZING how light and Grace-filled these moments become vs. the weight/burden of carrying or figuring things according to my own doing.

    I’m really grateful that I saw this THIS very day….I needed to!


    1. And no matter how many crashing moments you have, get up and stand again! All of heaven stands with you!

  8. This woman is a HERO. I hate divorce may God bless you with long life peace and prosperity to take care of your lovely children and the husband.

    1. Christine Musana no sh s not. There are multitudes of godly brave women that NEVER WROTE A BOOK, never been in church ministry or NEVER WOUND UP ON THE 700 Club that have testimonies of Gods faithfulness to them and their children. IM ONE OF THEM. Guess that makes me a hero too.

    2. @Kathy Myers well just cause you’re a hero doesn’t mean she isn’t you’re all great women for abiding with God

    3. I don’t hate divorce at all. Some people end up in horrific situations, and they need to get out and stay out of it.

  9. I had a similar experience but a different outcome. God had me forgive my husband.. pray for his restoration…work on myself…and fight for my marriage for an 10 extra years…taking him back after his betrayal many times..however, he did not ultimately want the same thing..and became abusive and chose to walk away from the Lord, his wife.. 6 children…and the ministry. It is so redeeming for me to see a woman and a couple that have been restored and to know this is the desire of God’s heart for all marriages…but it takes 2 people that are willing to surrender to the process of restoration. What a beautiful story of what could have happened for my family too…had my husband chose this path as well. Thank you Shauna for sharing your testimony…I understand the pain..and also rejoice with you for your family and marriage restoration.

    1. Blessings to you for sharing your testimony. Some people need to hear this. Reconciliation is NOT for everyone.

    2. The enemy is a trickster. When God bring you out of a situation. Stay out of it in Jesus name. For your sake.

    3. Yes. Often these types are narcissists, narcissist sociopaths and narcissist pyschopaths. They sometimes feign change and redemption and the church is full of them , as a stellar public image is important. It wasn’t till I married two of these and found out that my mom is also that my eyes were opened. Zero stories of real change with all the experts. Please read or download” healing from hidden abuse” by Shannon Thomas for starters. It will all make sense , I assure you.

  10. I love this ….the world will think your crazy for standing but Jesus stood and is still standing in for us…. Way to go sister…

    1. Yes He did, and He still is. But some people have to be careful. It depends on the situation they were/are in. An affair is one thing. But abuse of any kind is a horse of a different feather. Even with affairs you have to be careful at times. Only God knows.

    2. @Ladenna Young agree going through my divorce now pray for me for strength in God things didnt go how I had hoped.

  11. Wow, amazing that God humbled her in a way and she listened and her husband saw that obedience to Christ in her and that love and forgiveness for him and ended up repairing the marriage. Not only did they get back together, they were more in love than before! God is just nothing short of beautiful.

  12. Inspiring story. She says by her own admission “Both of them were indifferent” towards the Lord beforehand. It is so easy for the sinful nature to take over and the devil to gain a foothold when we are casual or apathetic as Christians.

  13. I am in a similar situation now and have meditated and adjusted my thinking to 1 Corinthians 13. I have learned to love my mate simply as who he is regardless of what he does just, as God does us. I do not know the end result to our relationship, but by abiding by this scripture that in the past was used in convenience for my own selfish gain, has given me the ultimate peace of mind knowing that he is happy even if it does not benefit me and because of that we rarely argues and are much better friends than ever before. And I am so grateful for that feeling. I just learned a say from the late Nipsey Hussel. He said that “We are not to possess but to experience people that we love”.

    1. Hallelujah! We are called to become love. It’s the most free existing there is, not seeking our own but simply loving.

  14. God restored my marriage too. This story is so similar to mine. And my husband gave me my ring back too when we reconciled.

  15. God did exactly the same for me, It is amazing!
    God taught me the true meaning of love and He taught me how to love my Husband with that Love in Christ but He also revealed to me that my husband did not love me, as the verse in Corinthians exposed that reality. Still I continued to love my husband. . . Now, God did not rescue my marriage but He rescued me and transformed my life forever! God through that season spoke to me and shared His heart, how we hurt Him the same way a spouse hurts us or vise versa. He as well taught me that the Lord does not want sacrifices, He desires our obedience instead.
    For the Lord Almighty , The Holy Creator of all things to be that intimate to share His heart with me leaves me speechless & in awe! ❤️

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