Costco’s SECRET SALES! The best time to shop! Costco Haul and SHOP WITH ME

This is the absolute finest time to shop at . These secret sales were AMAZING. Come as I discovered so many clearance products. I went to to return a bathing suit and ended up finding a lot of bargains. They were too excellent to miss! Thanks for doing some with me!

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– Cleaning the tub jets for the first time –
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– Satisfying Carpet Clean with me –

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Hi! WELCOME! Thanks for dropping in! My name is Jia. Spouse's name is Charles. Our youngsters are Zara (10) and Ava (7 ). If you need motivation on decluttering, cleansing, organizing and just getting it done, you remain in the ideal place. This is Reality. Genuine messes. Genuine minutes. And Genuine love. Did I mention, I enjoy to shop. So lots of 's, Costco carries, and a lot more. Naturally on a budget, because we live a debt complimentary life. If you require help with that, we discuss that too! As a working mother, I share what works for us. I intend to motivate, encourage, and learn. Join me on this journey!

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Costco's SECRET SALES! The best time to shop! and SHOP WITH ME

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  1. I highly recommend the lifestraws for prepping, and for camping/outdoor activities. When you’re hiking, and you run out of water, use your lifestraw, then you won’t get sick afterwards.

  2. JIA, did you know that you can use your Costco rewards towards your membership? We do that so we don’t pay anything out of pocket. If the rewards are more than the membership fee, they give you the balance back in cash 🙂

  3. Buy 5gallon food grade buckets with lids to keep rice and other staples in! Wal Mart usually has them!

  4. I always buy rice in bulk (African hubby), and we put the opened sack into a large plastic tote to store. Rice stored properly lasts years, if you go all out and seal it in Mylar it’ll last 30+ years.

  5. I remember the pure vanilla extract being $35.99 in California, when the vanilla crops were ruined.

  6. I heard that dr earth stuff is great from another YouTuber landscape rescue with Stuart Moore… he is awesome! Lots of pro tips!

  7. Gia, get the Kroger and Sam’s apps so that you can
    Price compare while in the store. Will save you lots of time I think you have them already but May forget to use them plus depending on the store there may be coupons Love your channel

  8. Hi Jia, like those solar lights, pretty!! The Hibiscus stunning. I really like shopping at Smith’s Kroger’s I think in GA. I wasn’t happy shopping at the super store Walmart. Not friendly and corrals us like cattle to check out, no cashiers you now do it. Keith feels you should get a discount to check out your groceries and bag them too. Needed slippers went to Kohls and wasn’t happy their either. It was pretty much empty and the prices are through the roof!! For slippers want thirty dollars, Slippers and Keith needs a belt thirty dollars and higher. It’s upsetting, retirement is not easy. Joan Bates

  9. The secret sales are not sales in the traditional sense per se. A sale means a temporary discount on a popular item in order to get you in the store where you will also buy items not on sale. Costco discounts items that you will never see again at Costco, or you won’t see again until next year.

    Regular grocery stores carry around 40,000 different items. A super walmart carries about 125,000 different things. Costco’s carry about 4,000 different items.

    Costco learned long ago that more items means that they would have to place smaller orders which drives up the prices.

    They try to keep 4,000 different items in each of their stores at all times so that the members will have a great variety of things to choose from. Doing this means that to bring in something new they must first have to get rid of something in order to not go over 4,000 items. By the way, some locations are smaller and only carry 3,500 items.

    What do they get rid of? Items that are not very good sellers since Costco is all about high volume sales. Seasonal items. Items that they cannot get anymore. Items that have increased in price so much that it no longer shows value.

    Once an item is selected the sign receives an asterisk * in the upper right corner to let people know that this item is discontinued. Remaining stock may sell out at the regular price. If it does not sell fast enough they begin marking it down. Anytime you see something ending in 97¢ it is discontinued, and marked down. If it ends in .00 the price probably won’t drop anymore.

    If you shop several times per week you might wait while hoping that they mark it down some more. If you shop less frequently or if they don’t have many left you better not wait. For clothing to get the right size and colour you probably should not wait at all.

    If you’re not sure that you are looking at the correct sign, just match the number on the tag (in clothing) or on the box with the number on the sign.

    Hopefully this will help y’all!

    I’ve been shopping at Costco for thirty three years!

  10. I had the Rachio Sprinker Controller at my old house. LOVED. IT!!
    You do need the actual sprinkler system but we’re smart home people and I loved being able to tell Google to water the grass if needed. Of course you can set a watering scbedule but it recommends a schedule based on your location, sun exposure and a few other setting you input.
    Also loved that it checked the weather in my area and would automatically skip days if rain eas expected.
    Only reason I don’t have it in my current house if because we have artificial grass. Cali living….

  11. Lifestraws and things similar are very popular in the outdoor crowd that hikes a lot. We have a different brand and use it often on long hikes where you don’t want to carry multiple gallons of water with you. And if you are planning on doing the Grand Canyon rim to rim, they recommend one as well.

  12. In NJ I have paid up to $32.99 for that pure vanilla extract. I should grab an extra for when I do holiday baking. My kids prefer the white shells from Annie’s so I stopped buying it for a while. I get the one at Trader Joe’s now.

  13. Gia, I would go with the Dr Earth, it is organic so you are not putting a bunch of chemicals in your yard. I love your costco and gardening videos. Excited to see how your front steps turned out!

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