COSTCO Shop with me! This sales ends June 9th! Check out these last minute summer deals!

Reveal the best last-minute summertime deals at before June 9th! Use code JIA50 to get 50% OFF your very first Element box plus 20% off your next month of orders at These eleventh hour flyer offers are really great! Store with me as I get our typical groceries for the month!

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Enjoy me work with an expert organizer to assist declutter my home:


COSTCO Shop with me! This sales ends June 9th! Check out these last minute summer deals!

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  1. We have that freezer and love it! Helps so much to stay organized and actually eat through the food that’s in there.

  2. I love the Swedish dishcloths !! Bought some for my sister as well. Reusable worth the purchase!

  3. I think I’m the only one who prefers a more abrasive wash cloth. Walmarts brand is amazing, they are thin so you probably wouldn’t like them but they get the job done for me lol

  4. Hey there, Jia! I’ve been wanting to try the Waterloo but I worry that it leaves a terrible taste in the mouth. I tried LaCroix and it tasted awful to me. I’m a person who doesn’t like the taste of stevia or similar products because they leave an aftertaste l. I know that Waterloo and LaCroix don’t have any sweeteners but that LaCroix literally left an awful taste. Thanks for sharing this shopping vlog.

  5. I have that freezer but mine had two spaces with no drawers which is nice if you get a turkey or a bigger item. Mine works perfect never had a problem with it. But mine wasn’t that expensive. I switch all my towels,hand towels and wash clothes to white. To clean them I blue them it’s called blue Google it it can explain better. But my point is I got the big packs of 6 towels etc but they are nice and thick I love them. The Swedish cloths I like them but they are small I like something bigger but I have them and have washed them and they work. The sheets would be okay if they have a high thread count if not they will wear fast. The next time you make those hard boiled eggs will you share please only if you have time.

  6. The amount of times you said cookout or family cookout, could of turned it into a drinking game. Lol

  7. The Costco towels aren’t the best. My husband says it doesn’t dry you off well and very thick so takes awhile to dry. I use my old towels for my dog or for a place to put wet shoes when it rains.

  8. You did it again. Great video and was informative. We are trying to get away from pork. You stated Columbus Hickory smoked uncured turkey was good. Can you freeze the bacon? I have two cans of avocado spray. The expiration date is October. How long can you keep the spray? How much sodium does the country sausage have? I enjoy watching your videos. Keep pushing those videos. Take care

  9. Okay, guess I to make a list ti take to Costco. Rarely do I get out of there spending under 200 dollars. But then I don’t go that often so I’m usually stocking on essentials.

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