Can a Baby Save Your Marriage?

The hosts go over whether parenting can bring you and your man closer together … or push you further apart. Plus, Tamar speaks about how her husband's top priorities altered because she gave birth to their very first son, Logan.

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Can a Baby Save Your Marriage?

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  1. “I had to get on The Real to actually have a conversation with somebody.” lol! Tamar always has these one-liners that crack me up, hilarioussssssssssssss

  2. I was just getting into the conversation! They give great perspective and actually talk about poignant topics women discuss. Would have been nice to maybe have a single Mum in the mix…. FULL EPISODES PLEASE!!!

  3. Tamara. go ahead & SAY it! I’m so SICK of telling family & friends that having a baby isn’t “cute”. Being a REAL parent involves making sacrifices & looking like crap those first couple of years (until school) bc you’ll be ran RAGGED! But no! I’ve had one family member say that they wanted a baby bc it was “their turn” & another tell me it “wasn’t fair” when I was pregnant w/ my daughter. Then they want to whine about being single parents, not my fault you wanted a kid to “look” good.

  4. I understand all their points of view. Bottom line have a kid when you are ready. Not your spouse, not your family when you are in that place internally.

  5. I loved the way Tamera’s eyes glowed when she said being the mom is the hardest job you’ll ever love.

    so sweet. 🙂 2:57

  6. “I had to get on The Real to actually have a conversation with somebody” THIS is why I love Tamar, never know what she will say next! lol

  7. OMG I have a love/ hate relationship with tamar sometimes I hate her n her views but this segment right her I lovessss it she’s hilarious and so honest

    1. I like Jeannie with the highlights (blonde look too)….she is Gorgeous with more weight on now!!!

  8. OMGGGGGGG! Every time I see it I love it more. Jeanie with dark hair is crazy beautiful. (She’s already gorgeous)

    1. I saw on one segment where she said that her husband liked her hair when it was black/blue but she doesnt want to change it back.

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  9. Having a baby made my husband take life more seriously. He grew up fast because of that baby. He threw away everything bad in his life and became completely commited to loving me to show that baby the way a family is suppose to look now days. And I thank God for our son because having him made us a FAMILY inside and out. Now thats not everyone. Thats just my situation. ❤

    1. You were very, very lucky. That’s extremely rare. Most men won’t change and many women think they will. Then the woman ends up carrying the marriage and kids on her back until she breaks. Not worth the risk.

  10. Tamara is 100% right. A baby tests your marriage so so much. Mine failed. My ex husband walked out 5 months into the pregnancy because I was so sick all of the time and didn’t want to take care of me.

    1. @Such Is Life I got married cuz I needed health insurance other wise I never would have.

  11. Tamar always so funny. I had to get onto the Real just to have a conversation with somebody…haha 🙂

  12. I think this is the foundation of why Jeannie didn’t want to have kids with Freddie. I didn’t know that she was contemplating having children and even strongly considering that because of the love parents have for their children. Such an eye-opener. And the topic itself hits Jeannie’s past situation with Freddie

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