An UNDERWHELMING Sam’s Club Shop with me!

Come store with me at Sam's club as a TRIED to get some groceries however to be sincere they didn't have much. I wished to see what they had for Back to School. I was hoping they would have some offers on a couple of things however they didn't have much at all. Sorry however I'm group Costco throughout the day!

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Hi! WELCOME! Thanks for dropping in! My name is Jia. Hubby's name is Charles. Our kids are Zara (10) and Ava (7 ). If you require inspiration on decluttering, cleaning, arranging and simply getting it done, you remain in the right place. This is Reality. Real messes. Genuine minutes. And Real love. Did I point out, I love to go shopping. So tons of Store with me's, Costco transports, and much more. Naturally on a budget, since we live a debt totally free life. If you need aid with that, we talk about that too! As a working mama, I share what works for us. I hope to inspire, motivate, and discover. Join me on this journey!

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  1. We don’t have a Sam’s Club in Canada. I do know the membership to Sam’s is free, which is I think is pretty cool. Pros and cons with both stores imo.

  2. Thanks for sharing, BJ’s here in VA. has the King’s Hawaiian Rolls, double pack for $6.58. Like you, I like to shop around, but I was always told that some things are higher at each of the Big Box Stores. I still prefer them over going to the regular grocery stores.

  3. I think some people are Costco people and some are Sam’s people. She is definitely and has always shown favoritism to Costco over Sam’s. I don’t understand why she keeps going back just to compare the two and complain about Sam’s.

    1. You sure seem upset about her comparing the stores what’s it to you why you so upset about it stop watching her

    2. @Christine Adams because I typically like her content. And some people like me actually watch these videos to check out new products etc. especially in different areas. It was just my personal opinion that I don’t understand why she continues to go back. Nothing more nothing less…

  4. Not everyone is fortunate to have Costco or Sams nearby. I love that you are able to have the option. Hopefully, a Costco will come here. Love your shop with me’s!

  5. I have had both memberships for years and tbh I like them both but tend to lean more towards Sam’s Club for 2 reasons: 1. Scan and Go and 2. Early entry for premium members as I like to shop early. They both have a lot of the same food items. Sam’s club has a lot of things I like that Costco doesn’t carry and the same goes for Costco.

    Overall, my family tends to lean slightly more towards Sam’s Club, but I think that’s more of a convenience thing which is why I have both.

  6. I wish you would pull up your Costco app when you’re shopping at Sam’s and compare prices that way because prices have just changed so much recently you can’t really go by the price you remember.

  7. Sam’s Club is like Adli, it depends on what location you go to. It makes a big difference. I drive further to go to a different, bigger Sam’s Club. I like their early shopping and self-check-out. Costco is just crazy here no matter what time or day you go. We live in a big city and only have one Costco. We have several Sam’s Clubs.

  8. I am team Sams club! I have both memberships. But I only go to Costco if I’m looking for something specific and they have a good travel discount program. Otherwise I find that Costco is more expensive (in my area) and cater more towards healthy, gluten-free, low carb, organic foods, which is prob why they are more expensive. If you don’t eat that way then sams kills it every time. Oh! I also used Costco for tires on my car last year. Gia why do you keep going to Sams if you don’t like them?

  9. I choose Sams because it is 2 blocks away and Costco is 15-20 min away. I had both for awhile but I mostly go for rotisserie chickens and it is just easier to go to Sam’s.

  10. I think the snack aisle is better at Sam’s and maybe the frozen appetizer section if you are doing a party. Dip too b cause Costco doesn’t have regular dip ever at mine. But I am definitely a Costco fan. We have a BJs they put in that I am curious about but don’t wanna spend money to find out.

  11. I have both memberships and like both. But I have to be honest, sometimes I just like going to Sam’s because it’s so much emptier than Costco. I don’t know how it stays open where I live but it is NEVER busy. It’s quiet and relaxing to wander around.

  12. Let me say I am a long time subscriber and enjoy your videos. But it gets kind of old when sometimes you love Sam’s and have nothing bad to say and then a few videos later you are against Sam’s. It is okay to not have a fun trip but you can’t sit there and praise Sam’s for their scan n go or prices or whatever and then in the same breath say you are Team Costco.

    During the pandemic I had both memberships. Both served me well. Now, just Costco. And it works for us. But Sam’s wasn’t all that bad.

    I also do wish you would have prices correct before posting. Sam’s exclusive membership is $100, which is cheaper than Costco at $120.

    And like so many have mentioned before, you need to look at price per ounce or product. As well as have correct prices when talking about products between stores.

    Here Hawaiian Rolls at Sam’s are $6.58 for 32 ct. At Costco they are $7.33. As you can see Sam’s is cheaper.

  13. Also, you have to remember Costco doesn’t have a lot of items in regular rotation. So if your family prefers specific items and they are cheaper at Sam’s, you know you will always be able to buy them.

    But at Costco, items come and go. There isn’t always consistency with certain items.

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