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had some fantastic last minute Christmas offers from Apple products to television's and a lot more. We just recently bought the ladies TV's for the ladies new bed room from here. Have you seen a few of these deals lately?

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Hi! WELCOME! Thanks for dropping in! My name is Jia. Husband's name is Charles. Our children are Zara (10) and Ava (8 ). If you need motivation on decluttering, cleaning, organizing and simply getting it done, you remain in the right location. This is Real life. Genuine messes. Genuine minutes. And Real love. Did I mention, I enjoy to shop. So tons of Store with me's, Costco carries, and a lot more. Naturally on a spending plan, since we live a financial obligation totally free life. If you require aid with that, we discuss that too! As a working mother, I share what works for us. I intend to influence, motivate, and discover. Join me on this journey!

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AMAZING Last minute deals at COSTCO! ! Apple products, TV's and MORE!

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  1. I saw trash bags on sale at Costco yesterday. Girl, I was so excited! It’s been years since I’ve seen them on sale.

  2. If you buying a vacuum go Shark way better then the Dyson I have a plug in and still love it. Also have the floor washer Shark and I love it. I also want the steamer for sheets the mattress and drapes.

  3. Hey there, Jia! My little girl self was screaming “but it’s a party bus/limo” when you were saying how expensive it was, lol. All the diverse Barbies were calling me! I would be fighting to not get it for myself. We don’t have a Costco nearby so it would be a road-trip. I just got new glasses so I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the ones with the changeable skins for the frames. But they are really cute. The blue eggs are adorable. Are they good? I don’t recall seeing a video where you may have reviewed them. Thanks so much for the shopping/walkthrough vlog.

  4. We have all Hisense tvs the two 65 inch we had to call when we first got bc they had no sound just needed an update. All the others worked perfectly from the box and their customer service is super helpful. Our fridge is also Hisense.

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