Aldi has so many items on CLEARANCE! Come shop with me ? ALDI grocery Haul!

There are a lot of clearance discovers at Aldi this week. Come for my . The groceries and aldi discovers are on sale. Shop at Aldi to stockpile for your stockpile.

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00:27 Aldi Shopping Plans
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Hi! INVITE! Thanks for coming by! My name is Jia. Husband's name is Charles. Our youngsters are Zara (10) and Ava (7 ). If you require motivation on decluttering, cleaning, organizing and just getting it done, you remain in the right location. This is Real life. Real messes. Real minutes. And Genuine love. Did I point out, I enjoy to go shopping. So lots of Store with me's, Costco hauls, and far more. Obviously on a spending plan, since we live a debt totally free life. If you require help with that, we discuss that too! As a working mother, I share what works for us. I intend to inspire, encourage, and learn. Join me on this journey!

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Aldi has so many items on CLEARANCE! Come shop with me ? ALDI !

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  1. Wow I think you did really well on your Aldi visit! I’ve never bought a papaya either. Let us know how it is. Also the leaner the ground beef the higher the price. I think the 93% lean was higher than 85% lean that you looked at which is normal.

  2. Yes I got some candles and wine on clearance at Aldi recently. I also saw the towel warmers and some of the outdoor furniture on sale too. Love the video!

  3. My store had ceramic heaters on clearance. yesterday. So, I got some for the winter. I was looking for the cutting board but the store that I went to did not have any.

  4. Wheat prices have skyrocketed because the US purchases 50% of its wheat from the Ukraine & they aren’t producing due to the war; plus that’s why Russia is taking the port cities, no shipping; we are not getting many things due to our govt pays Our farmers not to grow crops makes us reliant on outside sources.
    I think ALDI’s prices on wheat products is Still the best compared to other markets. Thank You ALDI’s❣️

  5. Summer harvest I think our bodies crave the seasons harvests. Come fall corn apples all the veg spring for me is asparagus and rhubarb. Summer is everything in the garden and in everybody else’s garden. Elderly lady that lived across the road would bring over boxes of her harvest. We miss her she was a lovely lady. I would cook up little portion size things for her with her harvest.

  6. I shopped the clearance and got the patio umbrella for $24.99 n the ring cushion for $7.99. The ring cushion is so soft!!!

  7. Hi Jia, went shopping today and saw ckn wings fried in cauliflower batter. It was 4.99 a bag, I wanted to try it but not Keith. Maybe when I get paid at the end of the mth might try it. You never know. This was at Smiths in Albuquerque. Joan ❤ ❤ ❤ Keith said “no vegetable on his protein!!! He said he is very Southern!!!

  8. Yes Jia I will be going to Aldi’s to check out the clearance .I agree everything going up and you have to eat so there’s no use to complaining. Thanks for sharing your Aldi’s haul with us love it. ♥️

  9. Oh thank you for sharing. I have several Aldi’s in my area and I NEED to take advantage of that.

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