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  1. It’s disturbing how quickly things can get fuctup. What cost me 40 now costs 70. It’s going to get worse unfortunately.

  2. Jia, have you thought about shopping what is in season to help cut costs? Raspberry and strawberry season are over, so look for other fruits your girls like that are in season. That really does help. Also keep a track of food costs at each store and shop where it is more bang for your buck. Also sales.

    1. I’ve been getting mine from Amazon. The prices fluctuate but for the most part, I can stock up and really save when it’s cheaper.

  3. I don’t even buy snacks like chips anymore because I cannot justify paying $5.99 for a bag of lays. So now I don’t snack. The cost I cannot justify

  4. Jia you are still buying the same brands before the inflation. You haven’t changed your shopping habits. By offbrand, in season fruits and vegetables and bulk buy.

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