$2 Tuesday at Amazon Returns Store! Come shop with me

Store with me at the as everything was $2. This was my very first time at $2 Tuesday and I picked up several things. I'm just really caring this bin shop It certainly didn't have as much as the restock day on Friday however I still handled to get a couple of things. Have you discovered one in your location yet?

All of my favs on
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– Cleaning the bath tub jets for the first time –
– Landry Removing for the very first time –
– Satisfying Carpet Clean with me –

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Hi! WELCOME! Thanks for coming by! My name is Jia. Spouse's name is Charles. Our children are Zara (10) and Ava (7 ). If you need inspiration on decluttering, cleansing, arranging and simply getting it done, you remain in the right location. This is Reality. Genuine messes. Genuine minutes. And Real love. Did I discuss, I love to shop. So lots of Store with me's, Costco transports, and far more. Naturally on a budget plan, because we live a financial obligation free life. If you require aid with that, we talk about that too! As a working mother, I share what works for us. I hope to inspire, encourage, and learn. Join me on this journey!

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  1. Charles is a real hoot! The look on his face was so funny. There were slim pickings on that day, Jia. I appreciate your good humor and thanks for sharing.

  2. I attempted to go to Crazy Cazboys here in SC on a Friday, and the line was wrapped around the building before they opened. Needless to say, I went right the hell home. Maybe next time lol

  3. I’m in Canada and they have them. Mind you the prices here are a little more expensive. It’s $25 for the first day (Friday) then $10 Sat & Sun then from $5 to $1 the rest of the week. They have some pretty good deals. My brother found a sink worth over $1500 for $25. He knew this because he’s a plumber. I believe he sold it for $800 or something.

  4. Jia thanks for taking us along on the shopping trip I’m sorry you didn’t find too much but thanks for sharing and your hubby Charles just cracks me up with his facial expressions you two are so cute together

  5. Yes, really enjoyed this Amazon return store walkthrough. Love seeing what they have in stock! it’s truly a treasure hunt! -HDG

  6. Oh my gosh…Charles face. Priceless!!! I googled bin store and I found 2 really close. I just need to get there! TFS ❤️

  7. Haha, you gotta love when your husband wrecks your thrill, lol, he was funny tho. We have a ‘bin’ store nearby, have never checked it out though, but will maybe someday soon!

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