10 Things I Always Buy at Walmart + Walmart Clearance SHOP WITH ME

Today I'm sharing the 10 things I always purchase Walmart because it's cheaper. Plus store with me for all the clearance finds this week. The clearance area can be a hit or miss however they had some great ones this week. Thanks for viewing!

All of my favs on Amazon –

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Watch me work with a professional organizer to assist declutter my house:


Hi! WELCOME! Thanks for dropping in! My name is Jia. Hubby's name is Charles. Our children are Zara (11) and Ava (9 ). If you require inspiration on decluttering, cleaning, organizing and just getting it done, you are in the ideal location. This is Reality. Genuine messes. Real moments. And Real love. Did I mention, I like to shop. So tons of Store with me's, Costco hauls, and a lot more. Of course on a budget plan, since we live a financial obligation free life. If you need assist with that, we talk about that too! As a working mom, I share what works for us. I hope.

10 Things I Always Buy at Walmart + Walmart Clearance

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  1. I enjoyed your tips. I just reevaluated what is priority as in i will pay for this name brand and what i am willing to pay generic for. I also stopped impulse buying or why not its Tuesday. that’s how we adjusted to the costs. i finally got to a healthy eating place and wont play with it much

  2. the dial soap is 1.25 for 2 bars at the dollar store i was going to get me some but it burns down my back side because it just is too harsh back there i need milder soap and a few yrs back some pple at the regiters were nasty to me i shoudve put some item of clothing back because i never wore it who knows

  3. I rarely go to Walmart anymore, but, last month I went to stock up on my wax melts for Fall. I needed eggs and usually buy Vital Farms Pasture raised eggs, but, then noticed the Organic Happy Eggs. I remembered how many times you have mentioned your like of Happy eggs, so, I bought them. Well now I’m hooked. Your right! They are so good.

  4. Gia put a little bit of alcohol. On the back of your Pads and it will observe the ODOR. A little drop. And a little drop at the bottom.
    Of it Let me know if you try

  5. Can we normalize talking about periods like every women in the world has one please. Its not tmi and it’s not private. Let’s empower our daughters to not feel this way

  6. Me too Jia, buy my cleaning soap sprays for the bathroom toilets and sinks at Walmart, also bought a rug cleaning spray too.. Thank you for saving money tips too. Always enjoy your vlogs ☺ Joan ❤❤❤

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