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  1. My parents horrible marriage and divorce had a big impact on me ……. Since my father was an alcoholic which made him basically nonexistent in my life …… I grew up and became a woman with such low self esteem, I was a perfect target for a narcissist.
    My parents divorce did give me more sleep and less anxiety as a child, as there were no more drunken fights to keep me up at night. Had my dad just been a good dad, even being divorced from my mom …. it would have been a game changer.
    So it wasn’t my parents divorce ….. it was his alcoholism that negatively affected me and the reason for the divorce to begin with. And had they stayed married ….. it probably would have been even worse ….. and I shutter even thinking of that outcome.

    1. Wow. So so sorry to hear you’ve been through this. Thank you for your transparency in sharing your story with us. That is not easy. We have seen addictions destroy many marriages. Our first rule is to GET SAFE FIRST. It sounds like that may have been what happened. Trying to get you, the child, safe. Again, so sorry to hear this happened. Alcoholism is a very difficult thing to deal with. And so is divorce. If you’re willing, consider subscribing for more content that we post regularly if interested. You may find it helpful for your own healing and for having better relationships with everyone in your life. Blessings,

  2. My parents divorced when I was nine a long time ago… It affected me later in life and my own marriages with insecurity and not the proper skills to handle conflict

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