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  1. Ehh, well, what if one of the parents is physically abusive? So you stay so your children can watch one eat the other? Nope!

    1. If you’re in an abusive situation, we recommend seeking help and getting safe first. We would never recommend staying in a situation that puts you or your children in danger.

  2. It’s worse to have said kid stay where the Bible has made it clear one parent can leave. Trust me, I’m ALL for saving a marriage. But if a parent abandons their family in hopes of “making” the spouse succumb to their demands, it’s best that the child isn’t raised by that parent. And yes, I’ve tried marriage counseling with my ex husband and separately. Not all situations are conducive to raising a child in a marriage.

  3. That’s a spectacular steaming pile of propaganda. My daughter got to watch her narcissistic father cheat on me and emotionally abuse me. There was no “resolution”; there was psychological torture. I made a point not to speak ill of him after I left. Parents can make that effort. Staying in a toxic nightmare would have meant my corporeal end. It was my first attempt that convinced me to leave.

  4. My parents fought every day and made up every day. As a child, I always wished that they would get a divorce so we all could live in peace. I cut contact with them as an adult.

  5. There is a difference in fighting and arguing. Fighting comes with violence and i dont care what degree you have, staying with fighting household does NOT teach children better it teaches them poor coping mechanisms and gives them trauma. No one benifits from a fighting household. Its an abusive dynamic.

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