Why Standing for Your Marriage Matters: The Ripple Effect of Your Actions

We wish to advise you of the impact that you have on those around you, specifically in concerns to your . You see, individuals have been seeing you and they have actually seen the manner in which you've represented your , even when it was challenging. Your kids have seen how you liked your partner, even when they were treating you like a jerk. And your friends and family have seen how you have actually grown through the tough times in your marriage.

However it's not just your immediate friends and family that have actually been impacted by your actions. Individuals that you have actually affected have seen how to love another human being, even when they're acting unlovable. Which is something that this world is frantically doing not have.

In this video, we'll take you on a journey through time, highlighting how the world has actually changed and how innovation has actually advanced, however how love and relationships appear to be falling behind. However, we wish to remind you that you have the power to alter that. You have the power to change the trajectory of your household's future and the world.

So, watch this video and bear in mind that your actions, your love, and your determination to do the tough things, can make a difference on the planet. Thank you for watching and thank you for standing for your marital relationship.

Remember, you're not alone and we're here to assist.

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Why Standing for Your Marriage Matters: The Ripple Effect of Your Actions

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  1. Definitely good points. I think as humans/wives/husbands going through painful experiences in marriage, it can often leave us focusing on our own feelings/thoughts & how horrible things are. Staying stuck on those feelings really limits us & our potential to not only be better ppl for ourselves, but also better ppl for our children & God. The choice is definitely not built for everyone, but for those who know God & his word, it will be an uphill battle BUT worth it in the long run

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