Why Is Marriage Disappearing?

What's occurred to the sanctity of marital relationship? It appears today's world has shifted from commitment-based marriages to a period of 'meaningful individualism' – however at what cost? Join us as we inspect this startling decrease and the seismic social shifts that have actually led us here. We're diving deep into the statistics, the causes, and the significant ramifications of this change. Is it the self-reliance of the 'me generation?' What about women's intensifying functions in the workforce? We're questioning all of it.

The 2nd half of our discussion turns the spotlight onto the fallout of this economic crisis. We're exposing the severe realities of men losing touch with their kids post- and the worrying erosion of commitment in our increasingly self-indulgent society. But, there's hope! So, join us in this thought-provoking exploration and discover the tools you need to restore the foundations of family and dedication.

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Global trends and their causes.
2:30 – Societal changes and individual happiness.
6:33 – Marital relationship rates, patterns, and societal implications.
8:58 – The decrease of marital relationship and its effect on society.
13:03 – Special offer.

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  1. As a late 50’s widower I will never agree to a legal contract with a woman that pays her more than she contributed to break it…especially when 80% of divorces are initiated by women.

    1. This attitude – that the uncompensated labor many, many women contribute in a marriage, labor that has real, financial value on the market but has no apparent value in marriage to men – is contributing to the decline in marriage.

      It galls me that the work I do in my home is seen as a moral obligation or somehow part of my DNA. The labor I do in my home is a second shift to my full-time job. And if I took the same labor I do in my home to the marketplace, I could be an executive director of a nonprofit corporation.

      But in marriage to a man? This work is not labor, but a “role.” And in the event of a divorce, all of these hours I have donated to this nonprofit corporation would be immediately deemed as having no value for many, many men. Because men deem the labor as without value, they seethe and rage that THEY have been somehow robbed if a court determines that the labor had value all the time.

      I can understand why a growing number of young women aren’t sprinting to the altar. Young men have their reasons, too. But the grind of running a household has been the single most significant education I’ve had in the value of labor.

  2. The comment about dads not seeing their children may be how much child support ex wife is demanding..it may be unreasonable.

  3. Given who’s initiating the vast majority of divorces

    Feminism and hypergamy.

    I do enjoy watching the “hit the wall” videos though…

    Enjoy the “pump&dump” culture ladies.

  4. 8:55 This sounds like sensationalistic nonsense. The human population of the world has literally NEVER declined. I think I’ll unsubscribe to this channel now.

    1. The statistics are that less children are born from the existing population. So yes the population will still grow, but it has declined significantly. Obviously until something cataclysmic happens, our population will probably continue to climb, it’s just getting slower and slower

  5. I complete agree and also IMO God has been taken out of everything by design and as a result I believe the world is in their flesh and about themselves. In summary lots of selfishness and revelations says that’s what will happen towards the end. Not enuf serving others and following the commandments.

  6. As the economy has atomized families, and as Americans have grown more individualistic, couples no longer have a “village” that their grandparents had, and their marriages have to bear more weight.

    I don’t want to turn the clock back before women’s suffrage. But I would like to spend fewer hours at work and more with my family and community.

    I don’t see that happening, though. And maybe that’s the problem. We have less hope for the future?

  7. Could I please get the citation for that article you opened with? The one that states current trends are headed towards no marriages in the UK by the 2060s?

    That’s as apocalyptic as statistics get. Definitely something I should write about.

  8. could you please share the article from the UK which said this? i like in uk and i am interwsted in finding out more

  9. Selfishness leads to low self esteem. Low self esteem leads spouses to argue and causes resentment. This all in turn leads to divorce. Be loving, kind, and selfless. Think of others.

  10. I don’t think men are the ones who changed. The State and women did drastically. The trend won’t change without taking womens rights away, but good luck with that. I did my part, got married, 3.5 years later she walks out because she wants to work on herself…

  11. Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people. Philippians 2:15. Ppl need Jesus. Marriages wont ever go away as God designed them but I agree with the people who have confirmed to the world and are following the worlds perspective will not want to commit to a marriage.

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