Why Do You Love Someone? Falling In Love Explained

Why do you someone? In this video, Kimberly Beam Holmes describes how individuals fall in through a tested procedure that we call the LovePath ™.

Whether you knew it or not, you followed a process that led you to fall for your partner. There isn't a soulmate that you are waiting to get in touch with, and it has nothing to do with horoscopes or the positioning of the stars and moon. But why do you like somebody?

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There are four parts of tourist attraction that we have identified the PIES; physical, intellectual, psychological, and spiritual. The first step of falling in love is tourist attraction. It draws you closer to the other person. If you continue to follow the process of the love course, you'll fall more in love. But if you stop, you can fall out of love, even if that isn't your intention.

0:00 Why Do You Love Someone?
0:55 There's A Process To Falling In Love
1:23 Stage 1 Of Falling In Love
1:50 Stage 2 Of Falling In Love
3:10 Stage 3 Of Falling In Love
3:59 Phase 4 Of Falling In Love
4:50 How To Get Your Partner To Fall Back In Love With You

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Why Do You Love Someone? Falling In Love Explained

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  1. I have been married for 25yrs. The last two years has been rough on my marriage. I didn’t know what was happening until I found this channel. This channel has helped me so much with my marriage! Thank y’all so much!

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