When One Spouse Changes Who They Are To Get What They Want

A "midlife crisis" is a lie. This has ended up being a label associated with a procedure that happens when one partner changes their own beliefs and worths. This person might become a totally various person because whatever had the greatest influence over them has changed.

When your greatest impact modifications, your belief system modifications.
When your belief system changes, your value system modifications.
When your value system changes, you end up being a totally various individual.

If you or your partner has actually altered in such a way that has actually caused damage to the , then this video is for you. You will learn how somebody changes who they are (often for the worse) and can eventually end up being an entirely different individual than the one you or your spouse fell for.

Join us as we discuss this in this special 4-part series of Relationship Radio.

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When One Spouse Changes Who They Are To Get What They Want

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  1. Can compromising eventually change us and make us into someone we don’t want to be eventually that could lead to a breakup?

    1. No, you change yourself to be a better person for yourself and in turn makes it better for your marriage. So if you do it like that, you can’t change for the worse

    2. @Channel NoMore a lot of people become like the top people they surround themselves with. In a sense this world encourages niches.

    3. Reconciliation has to be on a solid ground. If both have done the work and they understand themselves and other spouse, the change will be real and authentic. Changing means not a people pleaser. Good change gives you power in a good way – kindness, compassion, love. Good change is good.

  2. Polyamory is what’s right it has to be. I have been told the lie th heart they’re monogamous for so long only to find out I was the only one living as such. Every single relationship, always the same pattern. But it still hurts to come to this realization…

  3. Bottom line, we have all been given FREE WILL! & through out our lives & experiences have the right to make the right or wrong decisions regardless of the outside influences. will we choose right or wrong?that is the question!!!

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