When One Spouse Changes Who They Are (For Better Or For Worse)

When one partner changes who they are, it can be a total shock. Things such as cognitive harshness, compartmentalization, and other similar terms are a few of the very first to appear when attempting to research more about this subject online.

But what's really going on inside the mind of someone who alters the extremely core of who they are?

How does it take place?

Dr. Joe Beam and Marital Relationship Assistant CEO Kimberly Beam Holmes, take a seat and go over how somebody gradually (or rapidly) modifications who they are in order to pursue an individual (or way of life) that they find appealing. You may be surprised to discover how self-confidence, acceptance, and simply showing someone attention can in fact affect who they become as an individual.

Listen up as we talk about beliefs in values in this 4-part miniseries of Relationship Radio.

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When One Spouse Changes Who They Are (For Better Or For Worse)

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