When Is It Time To Let Go?

We hear this question a lot … When is it ? Should I let go? It's a simple question that needs an intricate response. Every situation is various, however in this episode we dive into this question and provide useful insight backed by research.

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – When is it time to give up and release?
1:12 – When they found him a foot from the ground.
2:12 – The concept of not leaving what you have unless you believe much better.
3:47 – Physical jeopardy and security.
5:17 – How to end a marital relationship?
7:13 – For how long does a person requirement to wait for a ?
9:05 – Have you done everything you can do to save the ?
10:12 – The tough decision to and begin .

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When Is It ?

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    1. This is called coercive control under a new “ family “ law that was put in action in 2019 .Check it out .

  1. At 1:37 this is where the church, and society has it wrong. The first wife could have gone back to her husband without breaking up his existing marriage.

  2. I wouldn’t be going to anything better at the moment unless being alone is better than being in a marriage where I feel lonely and there’s no or little interaction between us, let alone affection, emotion, intimacy.

    1. Yes, but I focus on the end result not the moment. I want my husband to return, is he playing a game- maybe, so whatever, I said for better or worse and I meant it.

  3. Dear Lord he hurt me so badly, and I’ve hurt him. But I want nothing more than to have him home. I love him more than I ever thought I could love a man. He asked me to file for divorce for him because he can’t and I can’t bring myself to do it.

  4. Marriage helper plz make a video on what to do if your spouse avoids pysical intimacy completely on all grounds. Plz give solution a lot of people want to know

  5. Wife is dead set on divorce, moving out soon. Friends and family urge me to let go. Dont know what to do. She also exhibits unacceptable behavior and has done so for years. I accepted my own faults and largely asked for her forgiveness. What to do?

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