What To Do If Your Husband Is Looking At Other Women Online

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What To Do If Your Husband Is Looking At Other Women Online

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About the Author: Renee Love


  1. In a way I wish my wife did catch me, and did ask me what I’m doing in the way you suggest, it would give me a way in to talking to her frankly about how I feel about our marriage which I can’t now because of our lack of spending time together, which is for many reasons, some valid some I don’t think are. There are a lot of MH issues on her side, fewer on mine.

  2. Gentlemen,

    Make sure you do the exact same thing that the speaker is suggesting when it comes to dealing with a woman who incessantly watches romance novelty, especially since it effects the female brain the way that porn effects the male brain. Over-indulgence in romance novelty leads to exactly the same harmful effects that porn does. I fact, I refer to romance novelty as “Romance Porn”.

  3. And what if i statements about how you feel wont work mine says hes not in control how i feel and if i dont like it do something about i bring up if cant be respectful and faithful( as him if he can bend or twist lines boundies he will n says if not phycal not cheating) this isnt something we agreed on 4yrs ago when we got together he totally changed n i love hom deeply we have a life n kids together but it honestly feels like he rather others over me n i get told mine my own or some bs n im at my whitts end i dont want to leave hom but idk what to do and money tight n he has said he wont do cousling with me about anything cuz we cant afford it as well anytime he mad he takes off n msg girls or trys to go hook up with him repeated pattrens and it dont matter what i do everyone says leave but we both deep down dont want that but idk what or how to make it work anymore i have tried everything n watch n read so many help stuff nothing works help plz

  4. People need to lose weight, if you can’t fit into the outfit you wore on your wedding day and your spouse can, maybe you pulled a bait and switch.

  5. I was the person in my marriage that made a mistake while looking at girls online. I never wanted to hurt or disrespect my wife I am a shame of it. I didn’t cheat on my wife just was looking. She caught me my first reaction was to lied. I tried to explain why I was doing it. I’m in therapy to fix my short comings. She wants to divorce me and take our two children. That makes me sad. I’m taking ownership of my mistakes.

    1. You are doing your part, be strong on your purpose to improve. There is no more punishment or self punishment when you are truly regretful. May God be with you and your Marriage

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