What Makes A Strong Marriage? | Marriage Sit-Downs With Dr. Joe & Alice

We took a seat with our creator Dr. Joe Beam and his better half Alice and asked "What makes a strong ?" Here's what they needed to say!

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What Makes A Strong Marriage? | Marriage Sit-Downs With Dr. Joe & Alice

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  1. Smh thats what i kept telling my wife this whole time we have been in this turmoil that honesty openess trust and loyalty and communication is ghe knly way for a relationship tobsurvive and it was the onlybway we coukd fix our marriage but she wouldnt be jonesty with me wouldntbcommunicate with out an arguement that went back and forth it was back and forth until one of his gave up which is usually me she would not be open with me or share things with me and she definitely wasn’t trying to be loyal almost I would say 80% of the time and I tried so hard to get her to understand what we needed to do to fix our relationship I tried so hard to express what I needed from the relationship what I needed to do and she would never tell me what she needed and she needed to do and then she did and I gave it to her it wasn’t enough you want to stop giving it to her because I was too hurt that was just another reason an excuse to

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