The Truth Behind Snooping: How It Can Harm Your Relationship

Have you ever found something you wish you had not? Perhaps it was an old phone or tablet with an e-mail account still connected and when you reactivated it, it downloaded a massive archive of messages and images that your partner had actually hidden from you.

You felt a sense of relief, however as time went by, the thoughts and images of what you discovered started to consume you.

This is exactly what happened to among Jared's customers. She found an archive of covert messages and images on her spouse's device, and although she did the right thing and ruined it, the thoughts and images still haunted her, even months after.

Jared wishes to advise you that in some cases, ignorance is bliss.

The short-lived complete satisfaction of learning the fact may not be worth the long-term discomfort and trauma it triggers. And even if you do fix up with your partner, the memories and activates might still exist.

So, before you begin digging, consider the potential consequences and if it's worth it in the long run.

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The Truth Behind Snooping: How It Can Harm Your Relationship

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