The Secret to Saving Your Marriage: Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

Do you ever seem like your spouse just does not comprehend the discomfort and hurt they've triggered you? Do you feel like they don't see the results of their actions on your life? Well, Melody wants to share a story with you that will reveal you the power of dealing with yourself, even when it looks like your partner is not thinking about reconciliation.

Melody had a client, a military guy, who had actually been through numerous affairs with his other half. He was so angry and harm each time he called Melody. They discussed forgiveness, handling anger, and all that kind of thing. They worked together for nearly a year and then, one day, he called Tune and stated, "Tune, you're not going to believe this." His other half had stated to him, "My life is crap, however your life just keeps increasing and up." He went on to inform Melody that she had asked him about PIES and they went to a workshop and did some training, and they fixed up today.

It wasn't even like she had initiated the discussion about reconciliation. It was more about why his life was so much better now. And that's why Tune loves hearing these stories. It reveals that when you work on yourself, become the very best variation of yourself, it has a positive impact on your spouse, even when you can't see it. It breaks what we believe we need to do, like cling, plead, and plead. However when you hear success stories of people working on their PIES and their spouse noticing, it's simply amazing. So, remember, even when it appears like all hope is lost, keep dealing with yourself, it may just amaze you with the result.

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The Secret to Saving Your Marriage: Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

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