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  1. I made a comment on yesterday’s video ,. As to the unique situation that I have. I got two responses from marriage helper…,
    . If the package I ordered and paid for wasn’t enough,. Try these lessons and buy this and buy that ,. That shows me what your BUSINESS is just a money making scheme!!!!

    1. Hey Darrel, so sorry you feel this way. While we do have to be able to keep the lights on at our business and pay our employees, we by no means put making money over trying to help people save their marriage. Helping people is our first goal. That’s why we have nearly 1,000 free videos on youtube, as well as hundreds of free podcasts. We also have lots of other free resources, including a free course designed to help you get your spouse back.

      If you’d like, you can get access to that here:

      Also, if you are facing financial difficulties, we have scholarship opportunities available for those that apply to be able to attend our workshop at a lower cost to you! Consider asking one of our Client Reps about it by calling us directly at 1 866 903 0990.

      We want to help you in any way we can!

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