The Journey to Reconciliation: Overcoming the Hurdles of Trust

When a couple came to see Jared, their was on the edge of collapse. One of the partners had actually been unfaithful and the other was having a hard time to trust once again. It was clear that reconstructing trust and opening up once again was going to be the most significant difficulty they would have to get rid of. They were reluctant and frightened, however they were figured out to make it work.

We began with little steps, simply learning more about each other once again and reminding ourselves of the important things we enjoyed about each other. It was a sluggish procedure, but as they started to rebuild their structure of trust, they found themselves opening and sharing more with each other.

It wasn't always easy, but it deserved it. Today, their marital relationship is more powerful than ever. They have actually found out that it takes a leap of faith to open yourself up again, but it deserves it. They're grateful for the work they did and the tools they found out at .

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The Journey to Reconciliation: Overcoming the Hurdles of Trust

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