Texting While Separated Likely To Make Things Worse – Try THIS Instead!

You have actually attempted texting your spouse over and over once again, but something is getting lost in translation. You're trying to interact how you feel, however they're translating it completely in a different way! You want to simply consult with them face-to-face but they don't.

In today's video, we speak about the threats of texting while separated and use some excellent options as to how to better your with your spouse.

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Texting While Separated Likely To Make Things Worse – Try THIS Instead!

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  1. You can definitely do that with android it’s usually a bunch of different size up and down lines beside your messages text box

  2. Send happy emojis in your texts! No matter what they say. Is difficult to split the pain and grief with the way we reply and more with a stone walled spouse, hope you can do it.

  3. I was asked to leave without a biblical reason. No fighting or arguing just out of the blue asked me to leave

  4. What if she refused to accept calls? She said, “texting or emails are much easier.” BTW she texted that to me. We were divorced in January of last year. I still don’t know where she lives. 28 years of marriage, gone.

  5. I hated texting her and not getting a response on even the most innocuous stuff. And then those innocuous texts built up, which then can go to show you as the needy one trying to pull her back in. At least if she responds to them it would at least show a back and forth between us both that feels like a mutual exchange.

    Calls are okay and had quite a few of those in recent weeks (largely me initiating those) but the face-to-face time is 100% needed if you have not seen your spouse in a while. Took me weeks to finally get there with her and, whilst it was painful at times, she reciprocated her feelings towards me.

    Whatever you do, getting that face-to-face time is not an option if your spouse still wants you, but it can be slow and gradual process to get there.

    How you handle those texts and calls before it happens is key.

  6. He has abandoned us to fend for ourselves and blocked me on everything even social media! It’s horrible! Family and our church and true friends have reached out to him pleading with my husband to stop this unprovoked out if the blue abandonment

    I found out he has been in relationships with other females since his abandonment of us and his response was “ he got his own place so he can do what he wants to do”.

    No respect nor concern for our marriage or if we alive. Thank God for our church and his own family helping us keeping the lights on and food on the table.

  7. I truly appreciate everything you guys do for us, selflessly. I am just shy of 20 years together with my husband who moved out just over a month ago. I’ve never been so heartbroken and your organization and it’s tools and Rusty my coach have been paramount for me getting my feet planted and more strength in working on the things I want to improve on for myself. I can’t say thank you enough

  8. What about the legal aspect of it?? Texts can be saved and missed used and can backfire in a legal process…

  9. Sounds like you might be missing something. For many people, in establishing trust, you want things IN WRITING. Verbal conversations can me misremembered, people can deny they said what they said, etc. With text, it’s a first step in building that trust and holding people to their word. This probably has more to do with the circumstances surrounding WHY they aren’t together at the moment. Plus, it’s respecting someone’s time in case they are at work and unable to actually speak on the phone. There are several people in my life that I will ONLY text with because they just aren’t trustworthy. Keeping them locked into texting gives me a written account of the conversation and accountability for agreements they make.

  10. She left a few months ago. I tried to find out the reasons. We texted too much and it was always nasty. She returned two weeks ago which is good but the texts have created more issues than the original issues which were only two in number. Now we have 8-10 new issues just from the texts…

    It feels all wrong. She’s even screenshotted some of my texts and shown them to others. I don’t trust her anymore. This is 95% over.

    … I’m in so much pain.

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