Stop the Pain Tax & Save Your Marriage

Are you trapped in a cycle of hurt and aggravation in your relationship? Discover the "pain tax" and how to stop paying it. If you're questioning "Can I conserve my alone?", this video is for you.

Dr. Joe Beam of Assistant talks about the "discomfort tax"– the emotional toll you pay when you're stuck in a union with marital relationship problems, either by taking the wrong actions or not doing anything at all. He presents the effective "Push-Pull" principle, explaining how this simple shift in your behavior can start to alter the whole dynamic of your relationship and assist you save your marital relationship.

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Minimizing pain in .
1:05 – A fundamental relationship concept (push/pull).
1:50 – Press and pull in .
3:30 – Improving relationships through active listening and compassion.
4:54 – Altering relationships through individual development.

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Stop the Pain Tax & Save Your Marriage

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  1. I’ve been separated from my husband for a year now. At some point, we talked about reconciliation but now we dont communicate at all. I want to continue being married but I think he’s made up his mind to divorce. I want to talk about it but can’t bring myself to bring it up and ask for a chat. I’m battling that even as I type this. This video appeared at just the right time.

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