My Wife Cheated On Me… How Can I Prevent A Divorce?

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My Wife Cheated On Me… How Can I Prevent A Divorce?

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  1. You have to also accept that you may do everything correctly and things may still not work out the way you want them to.

  2. What they do not account for is if your spouse is a narcissist.
    If they are, you have no hope in saving your marriage.
    If they are not a narcissist, I think it’s a pretty good program.
    I have been through the workshop been through my PIES and did everything I could to save my marriage and my wife cheating.
    There was no saving the marriage.

  3. If someone cheats, you’re already divorced whether one wants to admit it or not. The relationship is forever tainted. My grandma went to her grave with regret for staying after infidelity. I’ve not seen one relationship I know with infidelity make it more than a couple of years after the cheating. Something happens emotionally and spiritually to a person after they have been cheated on. It’s just never to be the same. I like what your trying to do, but I only see trying if kids are involved. Once someone cheats, there will never be trust again in the way that is most healthy.

    1. @De If the couple has true love, this does not happen. They talk it out and go to counseling if necessary. Cheating is deception and lies. People are humans, they make mistakes, it’s up to a person if they choose to forgive. In the long term though, I stick to my guns and say, once cheating has happened, it was over before the person cheated.

  4. If she’s actually slept with someone else, it’s done. She’s detached from you and has already emotionally moved on. You’re dead in the water.

    1. No don’t cut the head for headache. he need to look more deep into it. Every relationship need constant naturing and if we ignore the relationship too long without meeting the partner emotional and physical needs your risking your relationship. So seek the help of professionals like marriage helper and restore the intimacy back. In reality cheating does not mean love is lost, only the intimacy is lost which can be restored by true or unconditional love.

    2. @De Is this correct English because English is not my mother tongue but this construction seems a bit odd to me?

  5. Limerince that lasts five to ten years you cannot speak of limerince anymore. That’s a full blown relationship.

  6. The most important thing to realize is she is not the prize you think she is. If continuing to show love to someone despite the serious way they are hurting you “pushes them away,” push harder until they’re gone for good.

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