Marriage Helper Reacts to Reddit Marriage Questions!

Sign Up With , CEO of Marital Relationship Helper, as she dives deep into relationship difficulties posted on the Reddit relationship recommendations online forum. In this informative episode, Kimberly addresses complicated situations with useful suggestions, concentrating on the significance of understanding and assistance over final notices in a marital relationship. Discover how to manage marital problems with compassion and team effort, and why seeing your spouse as your ally is crucial for a healthy relationship.

Kimberly provides skilled suggestions on navigating these sensitive issues. Learn why supporting a partner through anxiety is more positive than providing needs and how shared respect is the cornerstone of any strong relationship. Whether you're facing comparable challenges or seeking to reinforce your marriage, this video provides valuable insights and actionable ideas.

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Relationship concerns, ultimatum given, and lack of trust.
3:36 – How to address partner's ill-mannered behavior in bed.
11:26 – Improving interaction in a marital relationship with intensifying dispute.
15:03 – Turning around a struggling marriage through personal growth and interaction.

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Reacts to Reddit Marriage Questions!

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  1. I have a question. Would you have the same reaction if it was the wife giving the husband the ultimatum?

    1. My separated wife did it all the time – if you dont this then this. It became such a problem with me trying to stay on the right side of each ultimatum i could not keep up. Her depression i found out later was a symptom of something much worse.

      And taking the wife’s side is classic counseling.

    2. Yes. We never recommend giving ultimatums that are intended to control a person’s actions. They are often seen as PUSH behaviors. Although it might be easy, ultimatums will drive your spouse away from you.

    3. I do appreciate the information you post. It has got me working on my PIES and my situation has improved. However it seems to generally be more of a problem of the male partner vs the female on your posts

  2. My wife threatened divorce if i didn’t take the vaccine. After the first time i moved out, i went back to help her with an issue and she said that now it was fixed that I can leave now. We’re not together anymore.

    1. Good for her! Putting her life in jeopardy over being afraid of something proven to be safe with very few exceptions is just plain dumb. She will find someone smarter and with less fear.

  3. OK people, one more time for the people who don’t get it. Marriage is until death do us apart or you have to face financial consequences. That’s the entire purpose of marriage. Financial stability to build something. It also can be for power alliances but most of us aren’t wealthy enough for that. If you can’t meet the contract until the end of your life, then you have financial obligations and consequences. That’s it! If you decide to ascribe it another value, then that’s on you. Just know that you’re in the exceptions. Over 50% of marriages end in divorce and most marriages are unhappy.

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