Limerence, Love, and Lifelong Commitment – Marriage Expert Answers

Sign Up With , CEO of Marital Relationship Assistant, as she addresses the most pressing marital relationship questions from the internet. In this informative video, Kimberly shares her individual journey through difficulties, highlighting the significance of dedication, determination, and the transformative power of love. Discover the profound effect of defending your marital relationship, backed by research and real-life stories, including her moms and dads' exceptional reconciliation. Learn about limerence, the expense of , and how Marital relationship Assistant's workshops have assisted thousands recover their marital bliss. Whether you're questioning the worth of , looking for legitimacy in -saving programs, or curious about complex relationship dynamics, this video offers assistance, hope, and practical suggestions. If you're having a hard time in your marriage, seeking to comprehend more about love and relationships, or just searching for inspiration, this video is a must-watch!

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( 0:00) The Worth of Marriage Through Personal Experience and Research Study.
( 3:47) Marriage and Its Benefits with .
( 6:46) Limerence and Conserving Marriages.
( 10:24) The Psychology of Limerence and Its Effects on Decision-Making.
( 14:37) The Results of on Kid and Parents.

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Limerence, Love, and Lifelong Commitment – Marriage Expert Answers

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  1. I’m 13.5 years married. We just had our 4th child, she was an “oopsie daisy” baby. I am worried that adding this 4th child has really strained my marriage. I want to hold on and hope that we can reconnect. It’s really hard to have hope in times like this-when I feel like we’re just in survival mode and not having any time to be together.

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